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10 Coolest Gadgets And Inventions 2022 You Must Have

How doesn’t feel to have a mouse you can control even in the air or an eyeglass that gives you total control.  We are dazed by the recent discoveries we’ve made on recent tech devices out there,  and I can’t wait to share each with you. Let’s get down to the details instantly.  

10 Coolest Gadgets And Inventions 2022 You Must Have
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The M by Portl

Model M by Portl is a mini holographic communication device that doubles as your extraordinary media tool.  The device recognizes your voice and gives you instant feedback on whatever you want to get done. This holographic communication medium is built with excellent communication capabilities and will give you ultimate recorded entertainment to enjoy in your free time.

With PORTL’s mobile app, you can personalize the network/streaming experience with live/prerecorded interactive content.  A built-in studio in a box capture ability allows the projector to transmit seamless images;  this means you can beam yourself into a portal anywhere in the world.  Your perfect tool for easy shopping, immersive entertainment, telemedicine appointments,  and your virtual personal trainer. Portl is available for $2000 .


Liteboxer is a training platform designed to use LED lights, force sensors,  and music to make your fitness session lively,  engaging, and more intense. It is not just a punching bag;  it was designed to improve all users’ coordination.  The platform is designed with all fitness levels in mind. There is also a “Quick Hitter” mode specifically for short, intense workouts. Liteboxer offers wireless connectivity to smartphones and other smart devices for a realistic fitness experience.  

On the training app made available for the device, you gain access to different workout drills created by professional trainers from the States.  RHYTHM TECHNOLOGY syncs the LITEBOXER to the beat of music oozing from your smart device — This allows you to punch to the beat of any song. This will cost you $1245.  

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Mango Power union

Mango Power union is the portable backup power station that gives you a limitless power supply and solves the frustrations of power outages.  A large 6.9kWh Battery serves you for a longer time and has a powerful 4350W output.  The Mango comes with two detachable parts;  the upper part easily lifts off the base,  making it possible to carry around anywhere.

You get the chance to charge as many devices as possible with 19 different ports that come with the Mango.  This strong power station is one of the fastest charging ones as the battery charges up in 2.5 hours and supports up to 4000W of solar charging.  

Compared to others, The power output is enough to charge your biggest appliances and devices for a longer time; it can even charge up your electric vehicles without worry.  This power station is available for $2999.

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Air point Ring

The air point ring is a wearable wireless mouse that combines the functionality of a  regular mouse with a ring-shaped wearable unit.  Putting on the Air Point Ring transforms your ordinary finger gestures into cursor movements.  Now, your fingertip has the ultimate power to control your presentations,  gaming, 3D modeling and also reduce the fatigue associated with most devices.  

You can easily surf the net, scroll, and click with the highest level of convenience.  The mouse has a dual mode of operation; it can seamlessly perform as your air mouse and can also swiftly convert to a surface mouse. The battery can last up to 8-10  hours on a full charge. It costs around $129.99.



LYMB.iO is a mixed reality physical gaming console you can derive satisfactory entertainment from while also keeping fit- it brings actual physical activity and digital gaming on a big screen. If you have a wall surrounding you,  you can enjoy interactive sports and games by transforming the wall into an arena.  It also makes Learning simple –  math equations, matching pairs,  country quizzes can be played with Lymb.iO.

LYMB.iO creates the perfect flow to train combination, conclusion, concentration, cognitive,  and even tactical skills while playing games.  LYMB.iO puts people first in a new hybrid world that helps develop confidence,  empathy, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills and reduces anxiety and stress.  The Strength & Stamina apps are designed to focus on getting you in the fitness body you could ever imagine. Lynn.iO is available for $1664.  


Just like the name indicates, Cosmovision works to upgrade your vision to the next level. Cosmo vision is an AR glass that adopts ActiveLook tech to display real-time information onto the glasses’ right lens through augmented reality,  projecting metrics such as speed, time, turn signal and lighting info, GPS directions,  and battery level, amongst others.

An external gesture sensor also allows users to control the smart sunglasses using tap and swipe-style inputs.  The use of photochromic lenses and a light sensor enables the glasses to adjust their tint level depending on lighting conditions automatically.  IP54-rated, the glasses are built around a  ventilated, adjustable frame and features  Bluetooth 4.2 tech and connectivity to a dedicated Cosmo Vision app.

 The Cosmo Vision’s battery affords  12 hours of use and requires only three hours to receive a full charge. Get the next-generation AR glasses for approximately $555.

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InMotion V11  

The V11 is a step ahead of other standard Electric Unicycles.  It comes with significant innovations in the areas of design, functionality, and performance too.  A new pedal suspension that absorbs bumps or hits provides up to 85mm/3.3″ of vertical travel,  which is expected to provide a smoother ride for rough roads & trail riding,  and an 8 by 3 -inch tire to provide greater contact surface and more stability.  

The head/tail lighting is one of the brightest ever installed on a Wheel.  A powerful 1,500Wh battery pack is mounted with a 20mph capacity to give you long-term cruising speed. The V11 has an integrated folding kickstand and handle to keep the Wheel upright; the V11 costs about $2199.  

Mezmocoin Galactic

MEZMOCOIN GALACTIC is a  Holographic pocket-sized Spinning coin built from a combination of steel and resins.  With a unique shape and sleek design, MEZMOCOIN  will smoothly rotate on any desk, making it the perfect companion to elevate your mood during one of those boring moments of the day.  

This is built for creative thinkers, Space enthusiasts, makers, and anyone who wants to keep focus, relieve stress, play around or release their inner creativity and imagination.  You can easily spin it with a twist of your finger or use the custom spinning launcher for a super fast and long rotation of more than 12 minutes.  Each coin is equipped with a Tungsten  Carbide tip to ensure the smoothest and most extended rotation times. It would cost you $20 to get one of these.


It would be best if you had the Loop Pillow for your comfort on trips– an ultra-versatile travel pillow with revolutionary spiral wrapping design, superior comfort, and premium materials inside out.  Creatives carefully designed the Loop to ensure the pillow offers chin and neck support which most pillows lack while giving room for 360-degree rotation of your neck.  

You can adjust the pillow till it aligns to your maximum comfort.  From the top curve of the neck to the tips of your shoulders,  the ergonomic helix structure provides users with perfectly cozy support at every angle.  Its Unique ‘gooseneck’ inner structure maintains the pillow’s structure and support while making it easily customizable.  

There is also a blanket with a dual-sided design that offers you all-season comfort.  Cool SuperB bamboo fabric on one side, warm  SuperFuzzy fabric on the other to keep you comfortable no matter the climate. This is available for $99.  

Power Vision S1

Regardless of being so small,  power vision S1 is a mobile Gimbal that gives you absolute control and premium results.  It has an app you can connect your phone with using Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to capture photos and video just like your camera app. It has additional features like time-lapse video, slow motion, and panorama.

S1 has a smart sensitivity, enabling you to control it with hand gestures and the AI tracking follows you to all angles of your recording.  You can attach your phone to the PowerVision S1in 3 ways-  by using the specially designed phone case, the magnetic phone stand, or an adhesive sticker on the existing phone case, the choice is yours.

There’s even a kickstand built into the stand and a magnetic phone holder, the magnetic phone holder allows you to attach it to any surface.  Plus, it can come in handy as your power bank in emergency situations.  It is available for $238.

Please tell me which of these devices you find the most terrific and which of them you can not wait to go for right now.  Share your comments in the designated section below.

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