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10 Incredible Gadgets Ans Inventions 2022

The market is flooded with many new technological gadgets that many have likely never heard of.  Well, be rest assured as today’s article will be taking you through nine new and crazy gadgets that you must see this 2022.


The Freestyle is an all-in-one movable projector,  smart speaker, and lighting device. Weighing only 830g, freestyle is lightweight and portable enough for you to carry around.  With freestyle, You can conveniently show your videos anywhere – on the tables,  floors, walls by rotating it up to 180 degrees; it doesn’t require a special white wall or screen.  

The autofocus feature allows it to display a crystal-clear image on any surface,  at any angle, up to 100 inches in size, and its  360-degree sound radiation allows users to enjoy a cinematic sound experience anywhere they are. It is compatible with external batteries that support USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above, so it is easy to take anywhere.  

Freestyle can be used to provide lighting effects and serve as your smart speaker to boost your mood, all thanks to its ambient mode, translucent lens cap.  


Lukos is an Ultimate ultra-wide 40 inch 4K  HD display Monitor with maximum viewing angles,  clean visuals & perfect color uniformity.  Featuring a 32:9 ultra-wide screen with maximum viewing angles, Lukos is perfect for an immersive gaming experience. You have the option to use the split-screen which allows seamless multitasking for work applications such as data analysis and more.  

Lukos can efficiently do this because it is powered by an ultra-high bandwidth processor which can display four 4K  split screens at the same time.  There is remote control you can use to conveniently operate the split-screen,  adjust the brightness, sound,  and other functions.  With Lukos, you can connect 4 different devices simultaneously with three HDMI,  two DP 1.4, one DP 1.2, and one USB Type-C PC.

It supports PC, laptops, Mac, smartphones,  Playstation, Xbox, and more. You can also use this device as a calendar,  clock, or digital photo frame. Lukos would cost you about $419.  


The arpara headsets is the world’s first 5K micro  OLED all one VR headset featuring dual 1.03-inch  2560 x 2560 resolution micro-OLED displays and Qualcomm XR2 for an immersive experience. The device is compatible with multiple devices so that you can enjoy VR content via a smartphone or computer.  Weighing just 200g, this device is compact and featherlight for long gaming and movie sessions.

In addition, the headset employs a  unique 15° upward sloping head strap that helps to comfortably distribute weight towards the backside of the head,  away from the user’s face and nose.  Arpara is the new way for you to enjoy your favorite movies with cinematic quality anywhere you choose. Arpara costs $429.

video: you must buy these 10 incredible gadgets 2022


How does it feel when you realize that you can transform any surface around you to a touch screen, be it a TV,  wall, or Projector – This is innovative. i-MANTA helps you to achieve this; no matter the size of the screen you want, you are covered. The control is in your hand; all you have to do is give it a simple click and tap the screen to calibrate it.  

Despite being small and handy to carry around in your bags or suitcases,  i-MANTA lets you create giant touchscreens anywhere, anytime,  plus it is super easy to set up. It comes with a sensor camera,  stylus pen, and native software, which allows you to use any screen as a big iPad.  i-MANTA is suitable for use in workplaces,  offices, or classrooms for a widescreen presentation or lessons. This device costs $99.  

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Urtopia Ebike

Urtopia Electric Bike is an Urban game-changer featuring full carbon frames and built-in radar and gyroscope.  The Ebike weighs only about 14 kg, it conforms to the principle of portability,  and also its sleek design makes it eye-catching,  placing you at the center of attraction.  Urtopia is integrated with a  unique smart handlebar technology integrating almost all IoT functions.

The Ebike has an intelligent voice recognition technology for you to control your  Ebike with your voice easily.  Its customized motor system is more sensitive, more accurate,  more durable, and consumes less battery. This smart and sporty device gives you 5  power mode options- Pedal, eco, comfort,  sport, or Turbo – The choice is yours.  It also features a highly accurate  Torque sensor and Gates Carbon belt.  This Ebike will cost you $2199.

Air Device  

The Air device is one of the most innovative face masks you can find out there.  The design is sophisticated, and you can slay it on any type of your wear.  Anywhere you go or anything you do,  the face mask perfectly sits on your face with no unnecessary movement around.

It has a highly effective filtration rate with multiple HEPA 13 filters for both exhalation and inhalation to keep you, and the ones around you safe from airborne particles. Manage the air volume, track the filter life,  or check your battery status. You can do it manually, or you can let integrated AI do it for you. It’s your choice. Air device is approximated to cost about $329.  

Storm2 slim

STORM2 Slim is a Portable 130 Watt EDC  Cyberpunk Power Bank equipped with four 21700  batteries that deliver 130W power to your device.-  The batteries are similar to Teslas. The device comes in an aluminum alloy frame to bring a better heat dissipation and long-lasting quality.  Its V0 fireproof PC case is also a safe guarantee.

With the new silver-white finish,  STORM2 Slim is trying to present you with a whole new experience.  STORM 2 Slim has a slim and see-through design revealing its sophisticated design and making it more compact and portable to take around.

Storm2 slim has a 1xUSB-C port and 1xUSB-A port so you can quickly charge two devices at the same time.  You need not worry about power anxiety, Storm2 slim will charge all your smart devices on the go. It would cost you $36.  

Dwarf II

DWARF II is a Portable and Versatile Smart periscopic  Telescope you can adopt for easy stargazing and birdwatching with your smartphone. This innovative device is suitable for taking pictures or recording videos of animals, such as birds.  DWARF II has a telephoto lens and can be wirelessly controlled so you can record the details you want from a significant distance. It has two cameras, a wide-angle camera,  and a telephoto camera.

The wide-angle camera comes in handy when you need to take pictures as a normal camera or preview the field of view while the telephoto camera helps to perfectly aim at your target. Select the target object through framing it,  then use the Object Tracking function in the DWARF App to track it.  

DWARF II has a built-in feature capable of automatically tracking the stars or deep-sky objects and it can rotate around the altitude and azimuth along with the movement of stars.  Dwarf II costs $349.

Vovo smart Bidet toilet  

VOVO Smart Bidet Toilet is one of a kind cleanest and safest toilet that might induce you to love going to the gents every time. Being a smart toilet, it automatically opens or closes when it senses your current need. A wireless soft-touch Smart remote controller is available to perform posterior, feminine, and turbo wash functions with auto deodorization  It has a Smart seat sensor that detects the user to distinguish between small flush and large flush, providing hands-free operation.

Tornado wash powerfully cleans the inner bowl without using any stale water with a direct water supply from the pipe-  you don’t have to wait to flush, it does that by itself after each use and the Safe UV LED  sterilizes the bowl for everyday hygienic use. Vovo Bidet toilet features a self-cleaning 3 in  1 full stainless steel nozzle with auto deodorization and 5 different levels of pressure.

Govee Flow plus  

Govee Flow Plus is a smart  LED Light Bars with a Camera,  RGB Ambiance Backlights, Music Sync Kit. The light bars sync easily with your TV screen images or sounds and enhance your gaming, movie,  and musical experiences with vibrant lighting,  16 million colors, and 12 preset modes that can be customized using the smart app features.

It can be controlled using Voice Controls such as Alexa or Google assistant.  Govee flow plus has cameras that capture colors on your TV screen and automatically apply them to the lights with no need for an HDMI cable. With a built-in mic, the light bars sync smoothly with the sounds coming out of your TV/PC. This device costs about $79.99.  

Which one of these gadgets is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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