Here is important 50 Plus General Knowledge famous Cities and Countries. These information is very helpful in upcoming exams of PPSC lecturer, PMS, CSS, NTS and others competitive exams.

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1.Albania a country name it’s meaning is ?

Answer: The Land of Eagles

2. The meaninig of Argentina ?

Answer: Like Silver

3. The meaning of Bahrain

Answer: two seas.

4. • Brasilia of Pakistan is called?

Answer: Islamabad

5. The meaninig of Brazil ?

Answer: Red wood

6. City of angles is called to?

Answer: Bangkok

7. City of bazaars is called ?

Answer: Cairo.

8. City of colleges is called ?

Answer: Lahore

9. City of conference is called ?

Answer: Geneva

10: City of cosmonauts is called ?

Answer: Moscow.

11. City of eternal spring is called ?

Answer: Quito.

12. City of Golden Gate is called ?

Answer: San Francisco

13. City of golden temple is called?

Answer: Amritsar

14. City of mosques is called ?

Answer: Dhaka

15.City of palaces is called ?

Answer: Calcutta.

16. City of parks is called ?

Answer: Kiev.

17. City of peace is called ?

Answer: Baghdad.

18. City of pope is called ?

Answer: Rome.

19. City of space flights is called ?

Answer: Cape Kennedy.

20. Costa Rica means ?

Answer: Rich coast

21. Cyprus means ?

Answer: Land of copper

22. Emerald Island is called to?

Answer: Ireland.

23. Forbidden City iz called to Lahaska.

• Gateway to India is called to?


24.Gateway to Pakistan iscalled to ?


25.Gateway to the east is called to?


26. Gateway to the gulf is called to ?

Abu Dhabi.

27. Gibraltar of the west is said to?


28. Guuatnemala meaninig is ?

Land of Eagles

29. Hong Kong is called?

Pearl of the Orient.

30. Jamaica meaninig is ?

{Good water}.

31. Kuwait meaninig is?


32. Land of Prophets iscalled to?


33. Liberia meaning is ?

Land of free people

34. Little Pakistan is called to?


35. Lusitanian is the alternative name of ?


36. Manchester of Pakistan is called to ?


37. Mesopotamia meaninig is?

Between two Rivers

38. Mistress of the Eastern Seas is referred to?

Sri Lanka.

39. Netherlands meaninig is ?

{low land}.

40. Nigeria meaninig is?

{a great river}.

41. Pyramid city is called to ?


42. Rose pink city is called to?


43. Sierra Leone meaning is ?

Lion Mountains

44. Singapore meaning is ?

{city of lions}.

45. Sudan meaninig is?

{Land of black people}.

46. Turkey meaninig is?

{Land of Turks}.

47. What countries name translates as lion mountains?

Sierra Leone

48. What place is nicknamed “The City of Lilies”?


49. What place was nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient” ?

Manila – Philippines

50. Which country is popularly called ‘The Land of the Maple Leaf’?


51. Which worlds city is known as The Golden City ?

Prague Czech

52. Windy city is called to ?


53. Yellow River iz known as China’s Sorrow because of ?

devastating floods.

53. Zambia is known as?

“country of Copper

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