The teacher plays a very important role in the development of our future leader and they are considered nation builders. Today 5th October is celebrating as World Teacher Day throughout the world. The world teacher day first held on 5 October 1994, to commemorate the ILO/Unesco Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. This Day, also known by international teacher day. This is celebrating the honor of the teachers.

Google Doodle also celebrating Teacher Day:

Today’s Google celebrating this day as Doodle shows a multitasking octopus teaching a class of fish.

Image Google Doodle celebrating World Teacher Day
Image: Google Doodle celebrating World Teacher Day

Top trending on Twitter:

Hash tag #WorldTeacherDay also trending on the top.

Image top trending world teacher day
Image: credit Twitter
Punjab Education Minster Tweet about teacher day
UNICEF Education tweet on world teacher day.

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