If you are learning a language it will not be an easy task if you don’t do practice. Because languages can’t be learned by just books. You should have a community around you which speaks the same language you are learning.  If you are not in a specific community then there are many other things you can do to learn a language. But remember it, practice is necessary to become a fluent speaker. Most of us learn English,  and obviously, this post is also in English so I will talk about how we can improve our English language by things we are doing in daily life. Here are some things you should do daily to learn a language.

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The very first thing that can help you to learn a language is technology. In this method, you will not be on the sake of the other person. But once again,  it is one of those things. That means it can help you but can’t make you perfect. So along with many other things, you can use technology to improve your language. E.g.  take English. If you are learning the English language, you can use Alexa or Google assistance in your home.
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Alexa is a device You can buy from Amazon or any other electronic store. It has many uses, you can order it by your voice to do different tasks, like a set alarm. It tells jokes also, but I personally don’t like her jokes. But you can hear them if you want. That will also help you to collect new words. It will definitely improve your vocabulary. You can use Google assistance also. There are many other different tools whatever is available to you, use it. 


It maybe sounds weird but doesn’t think in that way. Be positive because you want to learn. What I do is to talk to myself in English.  Let’s say that “I want to make coffee,  let’s make tea, etc”. This way will be more helpful for you, because if you are not fluent yet then you will feel shy to speak English in front of someone else. You could be scared in front of people that “or maybe I am speaking wrong, or my accent is bad”. Talking to yourself will erase your fears and hesitation.  You will hear yourself and will get a chance to correct it by your own self. You will also get confidence that yes I can speak now. Better to practice this when you are alone at home. Otherwise, maybe people will think you are crack.

Write in Your notebook.

This is your third thing, you can do at home daily to improve your language. When you write something that put more deep effects on your memory. Because you are shaping the words, building the sentences and thinking about them. Take a notebook and start writing random sentences of English. You can write your memories, your plans etc. For example ” when I was 14, I used to do this, once I was there with my family” or anything comes into your mind, just write it down. 


This is another thing you can do to improve your language skill. Blogging doesn’t mean that you should have a professional web blog or website. You can do it on Instagram or Twitter. When you post something,  write the description in the English language. So that will also help you. You have seen many funny things on Facebook and other social media like someone posted a photo along with his brother and wrote ” Me and My extra Large brother” or me and My personal Father”. I laugh a lot sometimes. But we should appreciate their confidence. I don’t advise you to do these type of funny things. And I hope you will not. Because If you are reading this, that means you know enough English to not make that kind of funny mistakes. But use the English language on social media. Try to talk also with people who know good English. It will improve you within days. I have seen some people around me. They were totally uneducated. But they are using Facebook and they understand most of the things. That means they have learned English by this social media and blogging.
The point is that when you are learning,  there are a lot of things you can do. Like listening,  reading books or even newspaper, or Read my Posts every day or watching videos on YouTube which are in English. 

Watch A Video in English Every day. 

As I mentioned above,  you can watch an English movie or a video of Vlogger. But about movies, there could be some phrases that you wouldn’t like to use in your real life conversations with real people. So better to watch videos of real people. Because when A Vlogger talking holding a camera, that language is what you hear in daily life. You can hear different accents. It can be entertaining or any documentary, on wildlife, on space or any topic you are interested in. You will gain general knowledge and it will improve your language skills. 

Listening to Audio Books

Another great thing which will improve you is listening to Audiobooks. It is like a radio or you can say an audio CD on different topics. Why Audiobook? For example you are driving from your office at home. Or you are travelling from one city to another. You can’t watch a video. You can listen. So listening to an audiobook is a better choice rather than listening to music. Time is money so cash it in learning. You can do it at home also when you are doing many other things like cooking,  cleaning etc. 
There are many other things like mentioned above which you can do. The point is practice. Practice of speaking English and practice to listen. Both will improve your language skills. If you have more techniques to share with us and help us to learn more, feel free to share with us.