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9 Latest Gadgets And Inventions 2022

It’s a new year with new reasons for you to step up your tech games.  How do you know the recent updates in the tech world?  Be rest assured I got you covered in this article as I’m bringing the nine latest gadgets to own in 2022 to your attention.

Dyanayak N35

Most of the power stations you have come across may be made of plastic. Well, here is an innovative technology you’ve probably not seen before. Dynayak N35 is a portable outdoor power station with a metal housing with an IP67  water resistance rating and is made to work under extreme conditions, whether hot or cold.

The power station is waterproof even when immersed in water, it has no effect on it. This makes it stable and efficient regardless of being exposed to rain, snow, wind, or dust. You can carry the power station along with you on an adventurous trip or anywhere you’d like to work with your power station – it’s convenient to carry around.

With a battery pack that measures up to 1200Wh  capacity, Dyanayak N35 gives high power output,t. This makes it suitable for heavy-duty power appliances – To work, cook,  iron, and other things you can think of.  Dyanayak N35 comes in two versions, the one for low temperature up to – 20 degrees Celsius and the other is for temperature as low as  -40 degrees celsius Costing $2399 and $2899,  respectively.


Chakram is an electric height adjustable desk you can customize to your current needs.  It comes with a designated wireless control dial you can freely place to match your convenience on the desk. Chakram also features a Pop-up Power Station,  making it possible and easy to charge all your gadgets simultaneously.  

The tables are beautifully crafted from 100  percent solid wood materials to ensure it is gorgeous and sturdy at the same time. The Chakram moves fast from up to the button without making any noise. Built with a biometric fingerprint drawer that is installed directly under the tabletop gives a  smart alternative to keeping our important stuff and conveniently access them with a  quick scan of your fingerprint.  

Chakram was also designed with a 100% carbon fiber tabletop to add toughness to the entire desk and make it more useful for other functions such as gaming, creative works, and many more.  Chakram costs about $299.

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One-shot wireless controller series  

One-shot is a convertible FPS laser controller, meaning you can easily switch from RPG to the motion-sensing FPS  with just a simple twist of the handles.  Switching to FPS mode helps you stay on your target at all times with precision aiming.  It has a built-in smart chip and wireless connection for you to have more fun with your games.

OneShot uses a laser-guided aim to improve your shooting accuracy; once a target is marked, it won’t be able to escape.  A system called “LightGun” is used to make the controller project invisible infrared light onto a screen, and a camera takes a picture of the screen to detect it. While it adds a more realistic feeling to FPS games, it also provides a multi-functional gaming experience to  The OneShot alone works with  PCs only; you can play OneShot on a gaming console with the adapter. The price is estimated at around $98.

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Royole Rowrite 2

The Royole RoWrite 2  is a Smart Writing Notebook With Real  Paper Pen Writing Without LCD Screen.  You can use this gadget For  Office work, Art, or Business.  Simply write on the paper and watch what you wrote captured into a digital form.  Don’t mix it up with A Digital  Tablet- No, it’s not.  

It doesn’t have an LCD screen, so it has to be used with notepads of Real Paper,  and Ink pen refills included in the product package.  Royole RoWrite is compatible with smart devices running iOS 8 or the later version,  Android 5.0 or later, Windows 10  or later, Mac OS 10.12 or later.  

You can easily review and revise your work,  and you can simultaneously capture notes,  ideas, and drawings digitally. You can use a Rowrite app to Edit, Organize,  search, and share work as PDF, MP4 & JPEG. It is estimated to cost around $129.99.


Believe me;  this is a revolutionary mode of generating pure water to drink – you can conveniently produce your safe water in your home through Air. How do you do that?  The answer is Karapure. Karapure is the World’s  First luxurious Antioxidant-Alkaline  Air-To-Water Dispenser with a pH of 9.2.  

This amazing dispenser can make up to 300  liters of alkaline water per month.  The water is sourced from the moisture present in the air around you and becomes fortified on its way Into the dispenser. This is done by the minerals containing antioxidants and filters present in the dispenser.  The antioxidants have anti-aging and anti-anxiety properties,  while the water has an unbeatable pH value of 9.2+.  

Karapure provides just the healthy water your body needs to maintain a healthy acidity to protect it from germs and remain energized. The water from Karapure can be used for tea,  coffee, or protein shakes. Kara Pure can also serve as an air purifier to get rid of airborne viruses and germs to keep you and your family safe.  You can get karapure at $1299.

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With Eilik, you’ve got yourself a new robotic friend, companion, and mood elevator.  Eilik is a new robot with emotional intelligence that reflects based on his current mood.  Eilik has several facial expressions that provide a window to his inner world;  he will instantly tell you how it feels physically and emotionally.

 This mini bot was built with the ability to react to touch;  hence he expresses his emotions naturally based on the touch interaction with you.  It is also sensitive to vibration;  if you hit his head, he will feel dizzy and terrified when you slap the table violently.  Like some humans, Eilik is also afraid of heights;  He feels insecure and sick when he is completely off the ground.

But if you hold him in your hands,  he feels at peace – isn’t that just incredible!  He is passionate and fun-loving but can be naughty at times.  Eilik is more useful than just for fun; he can be your time manager, Call Assistant,  or Countdown Timer to keep track of your work. Did I forget to say Eilik can talk? Yes,  it can. Eilik costs around $119.  

Rock steady stadium subwoofer

Rock Steady stadium subwoofer is the world’s first wireless & true 2.1 portable subwoofer which combines the portability of a wireless  Bluetooth speaker with the connectivity and performance of a multi-speaker sound system.  Expand and enhance your listening area with the subwoofer and experience a new way to enjoy your favorite music.

You get to Wirelessly connect multiple speakers and subwoofers and sit back to enjoy a rich last listening area.  You can set up the rock steady stadium subwoofer in seconds,  and on a full charge of its lithium battery, it can last up to 16 hours.  Also, you can add as many speakers as you want even at about a distance of 100 feet apart – it still works perfectly. It costs about $139.  


Professional trainers inspired this recovery gadget to improve your massage experience after a long day of stressing your body and muscles.  Pact has a built-in system that operates with two devices:  The Pact Sense and Pact Pulse; both can be connected to your smartphone via the Pact App.  

First, the Pact system measures your muscles’  condition to determine its current state;  then, it recommends an appropriate recovery treatment that suits you at the moment.  Pact Sense utilizes a six-sensor to scan and calculate the mechanical properties of the muscles, then track the user’s muscle readiness from the data.  

The data gathered allows the Pact mobile app to generate personalized warm-up and recovery routines transmitted to the Pact  Pulse to deliver a precise message.  The pact will cost you about $279.


KAZbrella is the new age Compact and Patented Drip Free Umbrella-  it can’t get soaked with water because it was designed with water repellent fabrics.  It utilizes a Reverse Folding technology, which makes it dry to hold- it opens and closes in small spaces to keep you dry anywhere.

Kazbrella has a compact design,  so you can throw it into your bag with worries of getting your things wet.  The Unique patented self Locking System ensures that the frame is tightly closed with a click to prevent water from dripping out.

You can get the Kazbrella in two sizes,  the compact and compact plus. The Compact Plus has the added benefit of a large canopy in a compact size! Kazbrella is estimated to cost around $59.  

What do you think about these gadgets? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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