Alizeh Shah leaked video became viral
Alizeh Shah is the Actress of Famous Pakistani Drama Serial Ehd-e-wafa,

Alizeh Shah leaked video became viral on social media. Pakistani actress and the Heroin of Drama Serial Ehd-e-Wafa, Alizeh Shah (playing her Role as ‘Dua’ in the Drama Serial) is the crush of thousands of youngsters in Pakistan.

Since Hum Tv and ISPR’s Co-production Drama Serial Ehd-e-Wafa became on Air on Hum-Tv, Alizeh Shah got the attention of the public because of her beautiful eyes and innocent face.

Also, Watch Leaked Romantic Photos of This Actress.

People keep sharing screenshots of her different poses on social media. But recently a private video of Alizeh Shah leaked and became viral on social media. Several social media pages and fans are sharing the leaked video of Alizeh Shah. Watch the leaked video of Alizeh Shah, below.

سوہنی دی آواز وی سوہنی اے

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Actress Alizeh Shah leaked video scandal

In the viral video of Alizeh Shah, she is sitting in a car singing a Punjabi song of Yasha Shahid “Sajna”. 40 seconds long video was recorded by herself by her phone. However, she didn’t share the video on her any of Social media Accounts. She has a Tiktok account with one million followers and an Instagram account with 1.3 million followers.

But the leaked video of her “while singing a song in the mood” was not uploaded on any of her social media accounts. Some social media users found her private video and uploaded it on Twitter which later on, became viral. Watch the video of Alizeh Shah published by a Twitter user, below.

On other hands, social media is excited on Alizeh Shah leaked Pictures with her boyfriend Noman Sami. According to details, a Twitter account ‘Showbiz And News’ shared some private pictures of Alizeh Shah and claimed that these are Alizeh Shah leaked Pictures with her boyfriend.

Alizeh Shah leaked Pictures with her boyfriend
Image: Screenshot from Twitter.

The Twitter account shared some alleged pictures of Alizeh Shah accompanied with a caption “Inappropriate pictures of Alizeh Ahah leaked”. However, nothing inappropriate can be seen in these pictures.

The girl in the leaked picture is showing affection with her boyfriend while sitting in a car similar to many couples when they are in love. The girl in the leaked picture is resembling Alizeh Shah, however, the authenticity of those pictures was not yet confirmed.

The Actress yet not given any statement on her leaked pictures.

Alizeh Shah is just 19 years old and not married yet. But her Instagram posts show that she is in a “love relationship” with Noman Sami. In the Below, Watch her Instagram post in which both (Alizeh Shah and Noman Sami) exchanged romantic sentences to show affections for each other.

View this post on Instagram

Will you stay with me under the silver light of the moon ? 🐰🐣

A post shared by Alizeh shah (@alizehshahofficial) on

Alizeh Shah was recently proposed by a 60 years old man “Nawab Shabir Abbasi” from Bahawalpur who offered her to gift 50 Kilogram Gold if she accepts his proposals. The video of the man proposing Alizeh was circulating on social media last week.



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