In this article, you will watch Drama serial Alif Episode 4 and read my cortical review on it. The story of Drama serial Alif is good. As always Umera Ahmad done a superb job. The man who is doing the character of Momin’s Grandfather, Momin himself, Momina and other supporting roles actors have done a great job.

Image Drama serial Alif
Image: Drama serial Alif

Many people are loving the Drama serial Alif because they feel a spiritual attraction to it, but according to me some are loops hole as the director and some other characters specifically Sadaf Kanwal and Kubra khan have not done justice to their task. Kubra acting, dialogues delivery and expressions feel to be a bad version of mean stream Bollywood acting. It just appears to very artificial. Sadaf Kanwal is one of the rare artists with such bad acting skills that I have ever seen in the Pakistani drama industry.

But overall Drama serial Alif is one of the most beautiful dramas of 2019. Here you can watch Drama serial Alif Episode 4 complete and also Read my review of Drama serial Alif Episode 4.

Vedio: Drama serial Alif Episode 4 credit to Har Pal Geo Drama official YouTube channel

As we see in previous episodes that Momina wants to work in the film industry as she needs money for her brother’s kidney transplant. Momina belongs to an artist family her brother win many awards as a child actor, the father is a makeup artist, but they are very poor. On the other hand, Momin is an arrogant filmmaker. Momin gives a lot of hit movies. Momina came to Qalb-e-Momin studio for addition but fight with Momin. Now she never finds any way what to do. She came to apologize Momin but he again insulted him.

In Episode 4 Momina’s friend tells her an addition in Lahore for Hollywood and arranges an air ticket, hotel arrangement for her. When Momina gives addition she got selected. But behind her absence doctors say Momina’s brother will never belive more if urgent operation not started.

The scene regarding the Quran was so moving. And the other scene between Dada and Momin is also beautifully captured, background music acting and dialogues were very good, loved Dada acting. Dialogue of the day was ” تم تو مومن ہو اور بھگتتا تو مومن ہی ہے “

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