In this article, you will watch Drama serial Alif Episode 5 and read my cortical review on it. The story of Drama serial Alif is good. Umera Ahmad is done a superb job in writing the story of Alif. The man who is doing the character of Momin’s Grandfather, Momin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) himself, Momina (Sajal Ali) and other supporting roles actors have done a great job.

Drama serial Alif Episode 5
Image: Drama serial Alif credit from YouTube

Every dialogue of this drama gives it’s viewers a lesson. This is called real drama, each scene is gripping, each emotion is raw. It’s a masterpiece. Here you can watch Drama serial Alif Episode 5 complete and also Read my review of Drama serial Alif Episode 5.

Video: Drama serial Alif Episode 5 on Har Pal Geo official YouTube channel

Review of Drama serial Alif Episode 5:

In Episode 4 of Alif, we see that Momina went to Lahore for a Holly wood movie addition. Momina got selected and received 11 lack contract and they give 100,00 advance check also. Momina happily came back home but her friends take him to the hospital where she received shocking news of her brother died.

The situation became more critical when private hospital management never give the dead body of Jhangir before they clear the bill. Momina feels very difficult as they have not enough amount. Momina both friends help him a lot and very kinds ofa human being.

The scene when Momina with her friends tries to obtain cash to get Jahangir dead body. Extremely painful when one thinks if it were to happen to us and we have not money, where humanity is gone?

Momina has unbelievable sincere friends which are rare to come by today. I hope when she becomes a star than she doesn’t forget all these people who were supportive of her and her family.

In this episode, we also showed the ugly face of our health care facilities and the monopoly and cruelty of private hospitals. Government should address these private hospitals and their doctors who are not only cruel , selfish but also Monopolize and blackmailer.

Drama serial Alif Episode 5 on Har Pal Geo Drama
Image: Drama serial Alif Episode 5 credit to YouTube

It brought tears in my eyes when Momina said” اللہ بڑا رحیم ہے، بے شک ہم گمراہ ہیں”

I love Jahangir’s character in the novel, the boy who performed Jahangir’s character with 100 percent accuracy. He made it such a character family is justified to mourn him in sway away. Emotions, feelings, sadness, and thoughts everything is completely attached. The story is related to most of the people in Pakistan. No one is rich and no one is that poor.

On the other side of the story, Momin understands that Neha is cheating him and he decided to learn her a lesson. He ordered his secretary to invite Zufi and Neha at his press conference where he is going to announced the cast of his new Film and Momin have a surprise for Neha.

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