In this article, you will watch Drama serial Alif Episode 6 and read my cortical review on it.

Drama serial Alif Episode 6 on Har Pal Geo Drama
Image: Drama serial Alif Episode 6

Alif is a spiritual story by Umera Ahmad. It is a story of Momin and Momina. Momin’s journey is to discover his roots and Momin’s journey is to maintain the livelihood Of his family. By fateful events, they met with each other.

In the beginning, they have an unpleasant meeting but as time passes they connect to each other. In Momin’s journey when everyone left him alone, his grandfather and Momina help him to connect with who he really lives. The negativity in his personality has put him on the path where success and glamour met him But he drifted away from the purpose of his life.

On the other hand, Momina agreed to help him because she is recently lost her brother, and struggling with emotional trauma. Therefore, she understands the difficulties which Momin is facing. Hence, Momina and Momin ‘s grandfather plays a pivotal role to overcome Momin’s struggle with the past and help him make peace with memories of his mother.

The story of Drama serial Alif is written by a renowned writer Umera Ahmad. Here you can watch Drama serial Alif Episode 6 complete and also Read my review of Drama serial Alif Episode 6.

Video: Drama serial Alif Episode 6 on Har Pal Geo Drama official YouTube channel

Today’s Episode gives a lesson that even the richest person is also unhappy. Well in today’s Episode Momin give surprise to Neha by the announcement that Sofia is doing his new film wardrobe and he is not casting Zufi.

Momina’s friend said him to apply for a passport as Momina doesn’t want to do Film now but she use advance payment and her ha a loan s to pay a lot of loans.

Momin abusive picture leaked and Momin thinks it was Neeha. He was very worried as he removes the writer of Film also.

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