Drama serial Ya Dil Mera is a new Drama by Hum TV. Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali are playing lead roles. The story is a little bit misterious as it seems that something bad happens to Sajal Ali’s childhood which has some connection with Ahad Raza Mir who is playing the character of Aman.

Drama serial Ya Dil Mera Episode 5
Image: Ya Dil Mera Episode 5

Sajal Ali is the role of Noor ul Aian an innocent girl and daughter of Agha Jan who is a very rich businessman. Ahad is in playing the role of Amman a young British National Businessman who is coming to Pakistan and established his own firm.

Here you can watch Drama serial Ya Dil Mera Episode 5 complete and it’s review.

Video: Drama serial Ya Dil Mera Episode 5 on Hum TV official YouTube channel


Today Episode is very interesting as first Aman scold Noor for making mistakes in the report. He says that due to her Minor mistake company has to bear huge losses. Noor hurt by Aman’s behavior. She said to his Bua that is is not a normal person. She often watches a nightmare which disturbs him for days.

Noor takes Aman positive and makes another try this time report is flawless and Aman also appreciates her efforts.

On the other side, Agha Jan promise to his wife that he will come to the house and take dinner with his wife. But at the main time, Noor stops Agha Jan and when he came late to his wife, she quarrels with him. Agha Jan strictly warns his wife that he will divorce her if she again shows this type of attitude.

Now it seems Agha Jan’s second wife starts hated towards Noor as her husband ignores him due to Noor.

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