Drama serial Ya Dil Mera is an ongoing Drama by Hum TV. Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali are lead characters. The story is a Mistry as it seems that something bad happens to Sajal Ali’s childhood which has a strong connection with Ahad Raza Mir who is playing the character of Aman. Sajal Ali is the role of Noor ul Aian an innocent and only daughter of Agha Jan who is a very rich businessman. Ahad is in playing the role of Amman a young British National Businessman.

Drama serial Ye Dil Mera Episode 4 on Hum TV
Image: Drama serial Ya Dil Mera Episode 4 by Hum TV

As in the previous two episodes of Drama, Amman was incidentally meeting with Noor at his uncle’s son’s wedding and he draws a sketch of Noor which surprises Noor as he also draws a sigh of Noor injury. Next time Amman came to Noor university but this time he showed that he never know him that make Noor annoyed. Noor’s father went to Singapore on a business tour.

Behind Agha Jan’s base, Noor frightened by a nightmare which often disturbs her for a long time. Agha Jan canceled all meetings and came back to Pakistan and called up Noor doctor. Amman again met Noor at a picnic spot. This time Noor asked him how he knows Noor but Aman said he will tell him next time. Noor went to Aman company for an internship interview where she overdressed. Aman criticized her dressing.

Here you can watch Drama serial Ya Dil Mera Episode 4 complete.

Video: Ya Dil Mera Episode 4

In episode 4 of Drama serial Ya Dil Mera, we see Meer Farooq (Agha Jan) already married to a woman Saira. He hides his marriage from Noor. Meer Farooq planning to make dinner with his wife but Noor called him and said he should immediately reach home. Agha Jan left his wife alone and came home for Noor which Saira doesn’t like.

Noor mood was off as Aman company never selected him and she has a desire for working in Aman company. Agha Jan called the Aman for Noor internship. Noor gets an internship but her experience with Aman is not pleasant.

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