Cold and flu is a common disease during changing weather. To cure the cold and flu, people often visit a doctor but if we look around, we also have several home Remedies available for cold and flu. Firstly, we should know what are Cold and Flu. The alternate name of Flu is Influenza. It is a contagious respiratory illness which is the result of a Flu virus. It can cause mild to severe illness and in some rare cases when it gets worse lead to death. While cold and flu may seem similar but Flu is usually different from the cold disease. Flu usually comes suddenly. I will explain the difference between Cold and Flu in the table below.

Home Remedies for Cold and Flu
What is the Difference Between Cold and Flu

Cold has the following symptoms:
Flowing Nose, Congestion, Mild Sore Throat, Mild cough.
Flu Has Following Symptoms:
Flowing Nose, Severe Congestion, Severe Sore Throat, Severe Cough, Fever, Body aches.

How To Cure Flu and Cold In The Home

Use of Following Things will help you cure Flu and Cold in your home without Going to the doctor.
Hot Water with Salt, Ginger Tea, Chicken Soup, Honey, Fruits and Vegetables containing Vitamin C, Garlic, Elderberry syrup, Warm Bath, Green Tea and taking rest.

Flowing NoseFlowing Nose
CongestionSevere Congestion
Mild Sore ThroatSevere Congestion
Mild coughSevere Sore Throat
Severe Cough
Body Aches

Causes of Cold and Flu:

Causes of Flu:

  • Flu is caused by a specific virus called Influenza A and Influenza B.
  • Genetic Drift.
  • Antigenic shift.
  • Transmission.
  • Weak immune system

Causes of Cold:

  • Cold is caused by Hundreds of different types of viruses. There are many different types of viruses that can cause cold. The most common virus of Cold is called Rhinovirus.

The peak season of cold and flu is between December and February. But changing weather also can be the cause. It is better to consult a doctor in this condition but there are many home remedies to cure them easily in the home. The best thing about these home remedies is that natural home remedies have no Side effects. Here are some common and easy home remedies for Cold and Flu which can give you sufficient results to cure Flu and Cold.

1.Hot Water with Salt for cold and flu:

It is one of the best and quick home remedies for Cold and Flu. It gives comfort to Sore Throat pain and nasal congestion and softens the stressed tissues of the throat. Hot water when mixed with Salt, it decreases infection. A hydrated body helps the human immune system to stop viruses enter the body. Use it four times a day for better results.

2. Ginger Tea as a home remedy for cold and flu:

Honey mixed in Ginger comforts the Flu and cold

The research suggests that Ginger in addition to your anti-nausea medication may work even better to prevent nausea than just keeping your medication alone. Ginger has the quality to Relieve Sore Throat and lose up congestion. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever. It also strengthens the body immune system to fight against viruses.

3. Chicken Soup for Cold and Flu:

Chicken Soup is a very great home remedy for Cold and Flu. It helps to slow down the neutrophils movement, and helps your body from infection. It makes the body warmer and gives you energy.

Use of Chicken soup while you are sick.
Chicken Soup for cold and flu

4. Honey as a home remedy for Cold and Flu:

Honey with lemon and Ginger Tea is an excellent cold and flu resistant. It has nutritional properties with a pleasant taste and will soothe your throat.

Take 2 lemons, 2 inches long knobs of Ginger with half cup honey. Chop the lemon into small quarter slices and mince Ginger. In a clean jar add a layer of Ginger and lemon. Fill it with half a cup of honey in the remaining space and mix it with a spoon. Add a lid and shake. Use it with hot water when needed or during Cold and Flu.

5. Vitamin C as a home remedy for cold and flu:

Use of vitamin C for Cold and flue is very effective.
Fruits and vegetables that have Vitamin C

Vitamin C, otherwise called ascorbic corrosive, is important for the development, improvement, and repairing of all body tissues. It’s engaged with many body capacities, including the arrangement of collagen, retention of iron, the resistant framework, wound recuperating, and the upkeep of ligament, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C, as strengthen the immune system of the body so it helps as a safeguard to fight against viruses that Cause cold and Flu. Use those types of food that contains vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables. You can use a supplement. Read more health benefits of vitamin C.

6. Garlic for Cold and Flu:

Garlic helps your body in Flu
Garlic for cold and flu

Garlic is highly nutritious and it combats common Cold and Flu disease. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral qualities. It has been used as food ingredients as well as medication. Use of garlic in the everyday routine helps you to fight against cold and flu viruses.

7. Elderberry syrup for cold and flu:


Elderberry has inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It provides a strong shield that prevents the body from Cold and Flu.

It is used to avoid or abbreviate the term of herpes episodes, decline torment and aggravation, and diminish manifestations of upper respiratory diseases. Numerous individuals consider the elderberry plant one of the most dominant for forestalling and treating Colds and Flu and swear by its antiviral properties.

8.Warm Bath for relieving Cold and Flu:

Warm bath reduces cold and flu symptoms in adults. For better results add-in salt, essential oils, and baking soda.

9. Taking Rest:

It’s a smart thought to rest and avoid work when you are feeling unwell, regularly, or you have an exceptionally cold and flu. You will even now be irresistible for some days after the beginning of a cold or Influenza, so do your best to quit spreading the infection to other people.

10. Green Tea as a home remedy for Cold and Flu:

Green Tea

Green tea has antioxidant properties which help to stop Free radicals from damaging your healthy body cells. Use of green tea in daily routine in winter prevent the chance of getting I’ll from Flu. It is widely recognized healthy tea for cold and flu. Use it with honey, ginger, lemon and garlic for quick and sufficient results.



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