Finland’s former transport minister Sanna Marin, 34, has been selected to lead the Social Democratic Party, making her the world’s youngest head of government, and the third female head of government in the country’s history. She will take office on Tuesday.

Finland’s Sanna Marin,  the youngest prime minister in the world
Image:Finland’s Sanna Marin, the youngest prime minister in the world

Finlands social Democrats, who led the five party coalition government picked on Sunday(December 8) 34 years old transportation Minister Wanna Marin to become country’s youngest prime Minister next weak, taking over after the resignation of Antti Rinne.

Marin Sanna, 34 years old, is set to be the youngest Prime Minister of Finland 🇫🇮 in a coalition of parties all led by women. She will also be the youngest sitting PM in the world & youngest ever female PM in the world.

Video:Finland social Democrats name Marin to be younger ever prime Minister video by Star TV YouTube channel


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