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Image: Screengrab from WC YouTube channel.

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Here is the Extended Trailer of ‘The 100 Season 7‘.

Video: Extended Trailer of The Hundred Season 7


The 100 Season 7 is back and has been started airing on CW in the United States since May 20, 2020. The 7th season is the final of post-apocalyptic television series based on the sci-fi novels by written by Kass Morgan. If you want to download The 100 S7 for free, or If you want to Watch The 100 Season 7 online, here is a complete guide for you whether you are in the USA or outside of the US, anywhere in the world.

There will be 16 episodes in total in the final season which will all be airing weekly on the WC channel live. Three Episodes has been released already and episode 4 will be aired on June 10.

After each episode has been broadcast live on the network, viewers will be able to watch it online via catch-up.

Viewers in the United Kingdom and rest of the world are not able to Watch The 100 Season 7 yet. It will be available in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world later this year. This is because they will be airing on E4 but generally there is a slight delay between the UK and US transmission.

The 100 Season 7 will be available on Netflix too once the channel completes airing its all 16 episodes but viewers must need a subscription of Netflix or other paid services to watch it.

However, If you don’t have Netflix subscription or living out of USA, and you want to download The 100 Season 7 for free, or If you want to watch the 100 s7 online without any Netflix subscription, you can enjoy watching The 100 Season 7 by following the guide, below.

How to Download The 100 Season 7, Watch The 100 Season 7 online for free

There are several torrent websites and applications from where you can download all seasons of The 100 and much other famous television series. POPCORN Time is the best application for Android, iOS, Windows) which provides High dimensions movies and tv series for free to download or watch them online.

From this application, you can download The 100 Season 7 for free. You can also Watch The 100 Season 7 online from this application. Download Popcorn Time simply here or from The Link, below.

The good news is that all Seasons of ‘The 100‘ are available in ‘Popcorn Time’. Download the application and install it on your Mobile Device, Tablet or PC. Popcorn time is available for all types of devices.

Open the Popcorn Time and select “TV Shows” from the Top menu. After that, click on the search bar at the top right corner and type ‘The 100’. See the Screenshot, below.

Download The 100 Season 7 for free without any Subscription fee for Netflix or other paid services
Image: Screengrab of PopCorn Time application

After running the search, You will get Tv series ‘The 100‘ in the search results. See the Screenshot, below.

Watch The 100 online for free anywhere in the world
Image: Screenshot from Popcorn Time.

Click on the name of TV series (The 100) and select the Season 7. All 7 Seasons are available here to download and watch. All episodes of The 100 Season 7 are Available and they update the list on the same day as soon as the new Episode gets released on WC. See the Screenshot, below.

All 7 Seasons of The 100 are available here to download and Watch online for free
image: Screengrab of download page

Select your desired episode of The 100 Season 7 and download it directly into your mobile phone or PC. Or you can watch it online in the application. See the Screenshot, below.

All released episodes of The 100 Season 7 available here to download for free
Image via Popcorn Time

You Can Choose the video quality and the file size or Watch the series in your desired High Dimension (HD) and Ultra-HD quality. You are all set to Download all Episodes of The 100 season 7 and to watch this series online in HD Quality, anywhere around the globe.

Team of The 100, Cast and Characters

The 100 was directed by P.J. Pesce, Ed Fraiman, Tim Scanlan, Alex Kalymnos, Bob Morley, Marshall Virtue.

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Sci-fi, Post-Apocalyptic.

Country: United States

Main Cast and Characters of ‘The 100‘ are as Follow.

The major cast of CW’s Post-apocalyptic Tv series “The 100” includes Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin in 88 episodes, 2014-2020, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake in 88 episodes, 2014-2020, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake in 88 episodes, 2014-2020,
Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes 86 episodes, 2014-2020, Paige Turco as Dr Abigail Griffin in 84 episodes, 2014-2019, Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane in 81 episodes, 2014-2019, Richard Harmon as John Murphy in 78 episodes, 2014-2020, Christopher Larkin as Monty Green 73 episodes, 2014-2019, Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha in 60 episodes, 2014-2018, Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan in 56 episodes, 2014-2017
Jarod Joseph as Nathan Miller in 56 episodes, 2014-2019, Adina Porter as Indra in 59 episodes, 2014-2019 and Tasya Teles as Echo in 58 episodes, 2015-2020. Then there comes Shelby Flannery as Hope Diyoza (Daughter of Diyoza) in Season 7. Below is complete cast of ‘The 100‘.

Actor/ActressCharacter in The Series
Lindsey MorganRaven Reyes
Lola FlaneryMadi Griffin
Eliza TaylorClarke Griffin and Josephine Lightbourne ( In season 06), back to Clarke Griffin in Season 7
Paige TurcoDr Abigail (Abby). Simone Lightbourne (In season 6). Died in Season 6 and not performing in Season 7
Thomas McDonnellFinn Collins ( in Season 1-2)
Eli GoreeWells Jaha (Season 1; Guest in Season 2)
Ricky WhittleLincoln
Marrie AvgeropoulosOctavia Blake
Bob MorleyBellamy Blake
Tasya TelesEcho
Kelly HuCallie “Cece” Cartwing (Season 1)
Christopher LarkinMonty Green (In first 5 Seasons)
Chelsey ReistHarper (Monty’s girlfriend and wife)
Devon BostickJasper Jordan (In first 4 Seasons)
Shannon KookJordan Green
Richard HarmonJohn Murphy
Luisa D’OliveiraEmori (Murphy’s girlfriend)
Henry Ian CusickMarcus Kane
Adina PorterIndra
Tati GabrielleGaia (Indra’s daughter)
JR BourneRussell Lightbourne (In Season 6 and Season 7)
Ivana MiličevićCharmaine Diyoza
Shelby FlanneryHope Diyoza (As Daughter of Diyoza, appeared in Season 7)
Erica CerraBecca, Alie (Destroyer of the Earth)
Jarod JosephNathan Miller
Chuku ModuDr. Gabriel Santiago
Alycia Debnam-CareyLexa
Nadia HilkerLuna
Chai HansenIlian
Neil SandilandsTitus
Major Cast of ‘The 100’ TV series

The 100 Season 7 All Episodes’ Review

The 100 Season 6 Ended with a war between Clarke’s team along with Children of Gabriel against the Primes of Sanctum and their followers. Season 7 shows that Clarke and her allies won the war and took over Sanctum. Here is the review of all Episodes of The 100 Season 7.

Episode 1. From the Ashes: Clarke and her friends attempt to rebuild Sanctum as a new threat arises in the woods. Bellamy Blake, Octavia, Diyoza and Gabriel are fighting another war against the invisible threat and solving the myth of Anomaly. (Airdate: May 20, 2020).

Episode 2. The Garden: Echo and Gabriel learn more about Hope and her mysterious past. They travel through Anomaly and arrive at Planet Beta. After arriving there, they revealed that Bellamy was taken by a new enemy which is holding Diyoza also. Echo and Gabriel found that Hope is the daughter of Diyoza and grown-up at Planet Beta along with Diyoza and Octavia. They are eager to find a way out of Planet Beta back to Sanctum but the code of stone has washed away. (Airdate: May 27, 2020)

Episode 3. False Gods: As Raven faces an unexpected threat, Clarke must keep the peace among opposing factions in Sanctum. (Airdate: June 3, 2020)

Episode 4. Hesperides: Mysterious outsiders arrive with news of Clarke’s missing people. Clark meets the outsiders and take over them after a furious fight. Gabriel, Echo and hope fight for a way out of Planet Beta by the help of the prisoner. (Airdate: June 10, 2020).

Episode 5. Make Believe: Octavia gets to know a whole new world. (Airdate: June 17, 2020)

We will Update This article as New Episode of ‘The 100 S7‘ will be Aired.



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