This is new recipe. It’s naame is chicken Weel. This recipe is very easy to make and look very beautiful. You can make this recipe in parties, as it has great taste, can be made quickly and everyone love their look. Chicken Weel are perfect for the Autumn/ winter season. Here is the complete method how to cook Chicken Weel- complete Recipe.

30 minutes 30 minutes.

Here are complete method how to cook Chicken Weel. You can cook it with in half an hour with easy step for your family, children or guests.

  1. Ingredients for cooking Chicken Weel Dough:

    Flour one cup heaped
    Salt pinch
    Oil one teaspoon
    Cinnamon toasted and crushed 2 pinch
    Water as you need

    Mix all things together and made hard dough.

  2. Filling:

    For filling
    Boil chicken One cup shredded with pepper n salt
    Black pepper one teaspoon
    Salt as per taste
    White pepper 2/3 pinches
    Lemon juices one tablespoon
    Hot sauce one teaspoon
    (You can use vegetables which you like)

    Mix all the things together.
    Make a small ball from the dough spread it put this filling in it you can add cheese too. Roll it cut it…

  3. Backing:

    Bake it on 170C preheated oven for 15/20mints..
    don’t on top heat for first 10mints. Brush it with oil n egg white then put in the oven.

Recipe by: Iffat Hoor

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