Negative mind_set can be found everywhere. They keep an eye on every little thing you do. We often think how to deal negative criticism face by us. Actually jealous minded people are not happy with their life. And just to feel better they try to show that you are not so good as well. They Criticise you ،, as a result, you lose your confidence and feeling bad about your self.

how to deal with negative people.
How to deal with Haters

Now question is, how to deal with Negative Criticism? This article helps to understand the psychology behind the negative criticism and why people get jealous. It will help you to how to stay calm in this situation when you are criticized.

1.Stay calm at Negative Criticism:

You can’t control people to behave towards you. But how to feel that behavior is up to you. If someone criticized you, no matter what the situation is don’t show your exact feelings that you are taking seriously. Stay calm at that moment and feel them that you are normal and they are not running through your heart and mind. Try to respond with Grace and smiling face otherwise just ignore.

2. Stay away from negative mindset:

If you have to go to a function or gatherings where that type of people then stay away from them and spend your time with positive thinking people. Don’t look for that specific criticism that makes you angry.

Negative people are not confident with themselves. That’s why to feel better they need to drag the other people by giving mean compliments to them. When you don’t get offended by haters, actually, deprived them of their happiness. So this is one method , how to deal negative criticism .

3.Understand the Psychology Behind negative criticism:

You notice that a successful person doesn’t interfere with other life and show criticism. Instead of this, he motivates you.

On the other hand, a jealous person tries to realize that you and your work are not correct. When you don’t pay attention to their negative criticism they get offended. You just know this that if somebody is jealous of you, you must be better than him.

Pass a Smile:

At the point, negative comments begin simply be silent and don’t utter a word. Only pass him a smile that you never mind the comments.

Remain totally unrelated from it and don’t engage in it. Leave the place in the event that you can. Some adverse individuals are just looking to get a response from you. That is the thing that they feed on. Try not to give them a chance to get you in their trap.

Attempt simply watching the entire scene. State to yourself, “what a disgrace this individual is so troubled. Possibly a portion of my positive strength will rub off on her. If not, her depression has nothing to do with me.”

So simply pass a smile and ignore all his negative criticism.

5. Have Confidence in your self:

The reason behind to get affected by Little things or words Is that people have no confidence in themselves. Only those people seek advice or suggestions for his work who have not sure if he is doing right or wrong.

So have confidence in your decision, if you have strong confidence in your self then no matter what people think you only do what you want.

6. Cutt ties with Negative mindset:

If you feel some people constantly irritate you and discourage you from every circumstance, it’s better to kick out from your life. Like in social media Facebook, twitter you meet many people who discussing behavior disturb you simply block them.

Criticism broke you

7. Change the Topic:

When a person is constantly pointed out you and try to talk about again and again that irritate you simply asked to change the topic. Clearly stop from doing this.

When you suspect that a conversation is starting to take a turn for the negative, be a champion of positivity by changing the subject. Of course, you have to do this without ignoring what the other person said.

8. Think about Solutions:

Some times , changing the subject isn’t an alternative on the off chance that you need to manage pessimistic individuals, however that doesn’t mean you can’t, in any case, be sure.

Think about a solution of problem that make people to criticize you.

9. Getting out of it:

Take that criticism positively and think about how you change this mindset if possible. Some time little clarification can result is very encouraging. Think is this criticism is true or false if, in reality, you have problems than try to solve if the criticism is not productive and simply ignored.

10. Asked for solution:

They’re similar to human dark holes who all of a sudden appear unexpectedly and simply drain the life out of you. Asked that haters or criticized that now tell the solution.You attempt to remain positive and stay solid however their cynicism winds up just totally depleting you, you feel depleted, and you may likewise begin to feel discouraged as well.


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