How to make chicken Shawarma: serve in a dish
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Here I am going to tell you “how to make Chicken Shawarma at home” a complete recipe. Basically, Shawarma is the part of middle eastern cuisine but usually served in every parts of the world along with their own spices and style. It is also a famous street food in India and Pakistan. So Follow our “how to Make Shawarma at home” guide and enjoy the taste.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Here is the best chicken Shawarma recipe that everyone can make at home easily.

  1. Ingredients For Pita bread:

    Wheat flour 2 cup
    All-purpose flour 1 cup
    Salt 1/2 tsp
    Sugar 1/2 tbs
    Yeast 1 tsp
    Olive oil 5 tbs
    Warm water as required

  2. Direction:

    In a bowl add wheat, all-purpose flour, salt, and sugar, yeast and mix them all
    Now add Olive oil and mix well.

    Now add warm water and mix it well until dough is formed, apply Olive oil on the dough, cover it and let it rest for 30 minutes.

    After 30 minutes, kneed dough again and cover it for 15 minutes.

    Now take the dough and make balls from the dough. Roll the ball and make rotti of these balls. And cook them on low flame on both sides until light brown.

  3. Ingredients for Chicken:

    Chicken Boneless 1/2 kg
    Yogurt 3 tbs
    Ginger garlic paste 1 tbs
    Garam masala powder 1 tsp
    Lemon juice 1/2 tbs
    Red chili powder 2 tsp or as required
    Salt as required
    Black pepper powder 1 tsp
    Olive oil 2 tbs

  4. Direction for Chicken:

    In chicken Bone less, add yogurt, ginger garlic paste, Garam masala, lemon juice red chili powder, Salt, black pepper and mix it well. Marinate it for 15 minutes.

    After 15 minutes, in a frying pan add 2 tbs of olive oil and marinated chicken. Cook it until chicken is ready.

  5. Ingredients for Tahini Sauce:

    Tahini paste 2 tbs
    Garlic 2 tbs
    Yogurt 2 tbs
    Salt 1/2 tsp
    Water 2 tbs

  6. Direction for Tahini Sauce:

    In a bowl add Tahini paste, garlic, yogurt, salt, and water mix it very well.

    Now the sauce is ready to pour it in a bottle
    And put it into the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

  7. Ingredients for stuffing:

    Tomato slice 1/2 cup
    Carrots slice 1/2 cup
    Capsicum sliced 1/2 cup
    Cucumber slice 1/2 cup
    Cabbage sliced 1 cup

  8. Assembling Shawarma:

    Take pita bread, Apply Tahini Sauce on bread add chicken and stuffing thoroughly, roll the bread and wrapped it in the paper.

    Tasty Shawarma is ready.

Recipe by: Affit Hoor

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