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Instagram announced the end of IGTV, its exclusive long-form video format. Users can now publish videos to the main Instagram feed that is up to 60 minutes long.


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A post shared by Instagram for Business (@instagramforbusiness)

Videos from the feed and IGTV will be merged into a single tab on profile pages (Reels get their own dedicated tab). Meanwhile, the IGTV app is being rebranded the Instagram TV app.

To put it another way? The door is still open if you enjoy making long form video for Instagram.

How to create, watch and discover videos on Instagram?

Instagram is merging IGTV and feed videos into one format, Instagram video, starting today.

This new merged video format can be seen on the profile’s video tab.

You may now access a full-screen viewer while watching videos on Instagram by tapping anywhere on the video and scrolling to discover more video content.

By selecting publish from the +sign in the top right corner of the Instagram Home page, you can upload a video.

Instagram also adds new features such as automatic captioning for all videos, editing, filters, and people tagging, as well as location tagging.

Head to the Instagram video tab to check it out this new feature, and let us know what questions you have in your mind in comment section.

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