How To Stay Cool And Fresh In Summer Season?


STAY COOL! Are you tired of sweating through your clothes in 100-degree temperatures because you can’t stand the heat? Is your hair frizzy and your face and body covered with pimples as a result of the humidity?

Are you often trying to stay cool but don’t know how to do it properly? Continue reading for some unexpected, straightforward, and useful advice!

Every day, take a shower. To remove the filth, use an exfoliating shower gel. Turn the water on hot when you first get into the shower (since it cleans you better), but then turn it to tepid or cool when you’re done. This makes you feel cooler by lowering your body temperature (and it also wakes you up in the morning!).

After you get out of the shower, moisturise. Using baby oil instead of regular lotions is a terrific technique. Rub a small quantity all over your body while it’s still damp.

If you enjoy scented lotions, opt for a faint scent. For a refreshing scent, use citrus or florals. Warmth can be induced by strong fragrances such as vanilla or coconut. Bath and Body Works features a variety of pleasant aromas (Sweet Pea and Cucumber Melon are particularly refreshing in the summer), as well as frequent promotions and sales.

Make a habit of cleaning your face on a regular basis. Sweat and oil can build up in your pores and plug them, making your face look dirty and heavy. A mild moisturiser and a decent exfoliating cream should suffice.

Your hair should be pulled back from your neck and away from your face. Ponytails are usually a good idea. To keep your scalp clean and healthy, wash your hair at least once a week (or as often as your hair type requires).

Make sure you brush your teeth. In any case, you should do this at least twice a day. Your tongue will feel colder if your mouth is clean and fresh. During the summer, minty toothpaste and gum are helpful in keeping you cool.

Shorts, skirts, loose/flowing blouses, tanks, flip-flops, and sandals are all appropriate choices. Remember that the brighter the hue, the less heat it attracts, so go for white, pink, yellow, and orange. The weight of the fabric is also important to consider; silk shirts will keep you cooler than denim shirts.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially if you’re going to be outside. Bring plenty of cold water or Gatorade when participating in outdoor sports or activities, and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. If you want to avoid heat exhaustion, you can use a tiny fan or spray bottle.

Instead of a bag of chips, opt for pleasant, fresh fruit snacks such as watermelon, grapefruit, oranges, and strawberries. Fruit’s water and vitamins will benefit you far more than the sodium in those salty snacks.

Open windows at night to let cold air and breezes in, but close them and draw the curtains during hot, bright days. This can help you avoid turning on the air conditioner, which uses a lot of power and makes your house feel several degrees cooler.


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