Korean ARTIST outsold Wembley twice made history outsold album without bund. The biggest Boy-band Songs have meaningful lyrics Organic success.

BTS also is known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean music band of seven boys. BTS is formed in Seoul in 2013. Originally BTS is a hip hop group, their musical style has formulated to include a wide range of genres. Their lyrics often focused on personal and social issues.

BTS Grammy trends on the Top in worldwide trends on Twitter.
The BTS GRAMMY made an entire stadium shout “You Can’t Stop Me loving Myself”.

This is BTS and Grammy is now trending on Twitter. People are doing tweets and love their performance at Wembley. Nothing but great respect for the boys who help a lot of people through their music. Great respect for the group that uses their music to communicate. Big respect to the boys who made me realize that language isn’t a barrier when it comes to music.

The connection between @BTS_twt and ARMY is an accomplishment that is truly unique, and in my opinion, their greatest acheivement. No matter what happens we have each other!πŸ’œ In the end what matters is love. BTS is loved.

A Fan of BTS army said on Twitter

This is BTS Ones who broke all the barriers, shattered the world records, made history with their music and tours, who will continue to move forward and touch more and more lives. Let’s see how long will you keep neglecting their talent.

BTS make history in Wembley
BTS army got so much love worldwide that today on November 20, 2019, BTS Army is Trending on the Top in worldwide trends on social media. Image: BTS trending on Twitter
BTS trending on top in Pakistan

β€œBTS is the first group since the Beatles to rank #1 on Billboard 200 with 3 different albums within a year” .BTS sold out two days on Wembley which is a dream stage for every artist in the world.


BTS made an entire stadium shout “YOU CAN’T STOP ME LOVING MYSELF” and I think that’s legendary.

7 talented and extraordinary men are deeply etched into the hearts, minds, and souls of millions of fans around the world because of their dedication to their music, to each other and to their ARMY.


Faced hate, false accusations, death threat, racism, xenophobia, and much more since the very beginning. Now they are the biggest group on this planet thanks to their blood sweat and tears only.

Tweet: people at Wembley

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