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Online electronic store in India

India’s biggest online electronic store

Looking to buy electronic components for your project?

Look no further. Robu is the biggest online electronic store in India. When it comes to purchasing our electronic products, we have a wide range of products available online. We also give you great service with our trained staff who will assist you in selecting suitable products based on your requirements.

Nowadays many websites are available where you can purchase electronic products online. If you buy online, you can compare prices and select the best product for you. You can select the delivery time that is most convenient for you.

You can see pictures of the actual product before you buy it. You can check reviews of products.

You can return the product if it does not meet your expectations.

If you choose an offline retail store, then you have to go to the store. Sometimes store doesn’t have the item you’re looking for.

You have to wait in line to make payment. It is a time-consuming process.

Robu deals with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, robotic kits, 3D printer parts, batteries, E-bike parts, sensors, and many more. It also offers a variety of services related to 3D printing, custom battery pack, laser cutting, and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing. These services can be useful for a range of applications, from prototyping to low-volume production.

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