PPSC  Assistant Registrar Paper
Image:PPSC Assistant Registrar Paper

Here is PPSC Assistant Registrar Co-operative Societies GK Paper.

  1. Who wrote draft of Muslim League – 1906?—maulana johar
  2. Decision in 1st round table conference 1930? Federal character of constitution
  3. When Quaid said, Hindu India and Muslim India parted India forever…wrote After Nehru Report
  4. Presidential period of Quaid in Muslim League. 31 years
  5. Indian Civil Services in which year?* 1861
  6. 1st Governor of Punjab–francis
  7. 1st chief Minister of Punjab —mamdot
    prime minister at the time of 1956 constitution– ch muhd ali
  8. 1st viceroy of sub continent—canning
  9. A woman in each of round table conference?—begum shahnawaz
  10. Liaqat Nehru pact purpose – 1950? Minorities Problems
  11. On which river Bagliar Dam is constructed?—chenab
  12. Where is Ranikot Fort?—Jamshoro
  13. In 1922, which historical site was discovered? Meher garh
  14. National Animal of Pakistan.—-markhore
  15. Duration of National Anthem.—80 seconds
  16. Showmen of congress? Abu kalam Azad
  17. Founder of Deoband?— Moulana Qasim Nanutvi’
  18. Demand of Separate Electorate accepted. 1909
  19. Pakistan 1st space shuttle?—rahber
  20. Taj Mahal in which Indian state?—UP
  21. At the time of partition largest state of India.–jammu and kashmire
  22. Which one was 1st Princely state joined Pakistan? Bhawalpur
  23. Largest desert of world? Sahara
  24. Largest desert of Pakistan?—thar
  25. Karakaram Highway Length of pakistan section?—-805km
  26. Who led the Objective Resolution?—maulvi tammizudin
  27. Khyber Pass connects peshawr with—kabul
  28. Which strait is between Singapore and Malaysia?—johar
  29. Arboriculture means? Cultivation of Trees
  30. Which movement is running in Middle East countries against Kingdoms? Arab spring
  31. Arab Spring movement in Middle East countries started from which country? Tunisia
  32. On 9th July 1950, Pakistan joined? IMF
  33. Reuter is the news agencies of?—uk
  34. Monometer is for?— Pressure
  35. Human body produces which thing to protect the body from germs? Antobodies
  36. Which new institution formed in constitution of 1973? All of them
  37. NFC award awarded how many times till now?—7 times
  38. Malaria disease cause discovered by whom?
  39. Which mountain situated on Hindu Kush range? None of them
  40. Siachin Glacier situated in?— Chelash
  41. How many Federal Administrative Tribal Agencies are?—-7
  42. Largest Agency by population? —south waziristan not sure
  43. “Land of free people”?thailand
  44. Which country consist large number of volcano? Philepine
  45. Sine Die? with out fix a day
  46. Parliament of Russia? Duma
  47. Dead Sea between? Israel and jordon
  48. Largest sea? South china sea
  49. Mir Makeem rind___ is poet of which language—balochi
  50. Which country is below the sea level?—i wrote new zealand which is wrong,correct netherland
  51. After the independence daily news paper was?—amroze
  52. Rise in stock exchange is called?—bullish
  53. From which country Gawadar was purchased?—oman
  54. In 1864, Sir Syed Ahmad khan starts which educational society?—scientific society Ghazi pur
  55. Greenpeace is? Envirnmental protection movement
  56. Antiseptic substance on earth is?—garlic
  57. First Punjabi poet?
  58. Urdu k Haroof ki Tadaad kitni hai?—37
  59. Pakistan’s First Radio Station?—Lahore, but correct is karachi
  60. Judges tenure in International courtof justice?—9 years
  61. Golden Gate?—-san francisco
  62. Asia Watch?—-human rights organization
  63. Where is Reko Dik – Gold and silver are?—balochistan
  64. Which Substance is used in cement and plaster of Paris? Gipsum
  65. Hazrat (SAW) ne kitnay Gazwat may may shirkat ki ?—-27
  66. Quran Majeed may kul kitnay Gazwat ka zikar hai?——12
  67. Islam ka pehla Gazwwa?—-abwa
  68. Bani Israel kis ki Qom thi?—–hazrat yaqoob
  69. Aunthni (Camel) ka mojza kis Nabi se mansoob hai?—prophet salih
  70. Sub se acha Ghar App (SAW) ne kiss ghar ko kaha? Orphan treated well
  71. Karobari Bad-diyanti ki vaja se kis Nabi ki Qom per azab aya?– Hazrat Shoaib A.S
  72. Zakat k Masarif kitne hain—8
  73. Akhri Katib-e-Wahi kon thay
  74. Ashra Mubashra may se kis ka sub se last may Inteqal hova?
  75. Emaandaro ko unki Amanatein Lutanay ka zikar kis Surah may aya hai? Sorat Momonoun
  76. Aurato ki Zeb-o-Zenat Ch’hupanay ka hukam kis Surah may aya—-Sorat Ahzab
  77. Sub se pehle KABA ki tamer kis ne ki?—i wrote Adam
  78. Ab-e-zam zam ka waqia kin se mansoob hai?—Ismael not sure
  79. Quran kitne arsay may Nazil hova—-23 years
  80. App (SAW) ne kitnay Umray Kiye?—4
  81. Kon se Nabi Mali or Jismani Takleef per sabr karty—Ayoub A.S
  82. Sub se pehli surat konsi Nazil hoi?—alaq
  83. Hijrat-e-Madina k waqt App (SAW) konsi Surat ki Tilawat ker rhy thay?–yasin
  84. Quran may sub se pehle kis Nabi ka zikr aya hai.–wrote Adam
  85. Surah Baqra may TAKWA se kiya muraad liya gya hai? Zad e Rah
  86. Unki hawa Ukhar jaey gi , ____bahmi na itfaqi k waja se
  87. Kohaaan ki Chaut’ti se murad? Jehad
  88. Adal-Insaf kero Chahay wo tumhara, ___bhai hi qu na ho
  89. Quran Almanazil kin k liye meeqaat hai? Ahel e Najed
  90. Kiss k baray may kaha gya hai k who tumharay dost nhi ho saktay?–yahood o nasaara
  91. Apni Olaad ko kata’al na kero, _______aflaas ki waja se
  92. Masajid Janat k _______makannat mei se hain
  93. Muslaman ko Chee’nk aye to ___kahay—almudulila
  94. Jo shakhs nikah ki istataat na rakhta ho rozay rakhay
  95. How many Kgs are in One Metric Ton?–1000kg
  96. Subway means—under ground passage
  97. Contraband means–illegal item.

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