Saudi man jumps over the back of whale shark in red sea and swim with the whale

A Saudi man jumped on the back of a whale shark, swimming in the red sea. According to details, a video clip documented in the Yanbu region, emerged on social media, shows a man swimming on the back of a whale shark after he had jumped on it. Watch the video, below.

Jumping over whale

Posted by B Videos on Monday, August 17, 2020
Video: Saudi man jumps over the back of whale shark in Yanbu region, Saudi Arabia.

The video shows the Saudi man who was on the boat along with his friends, tried to approach the whale shark, before jumping on its back and to make the whale move with him and continue swimming together.

Meanwhile, after his successful stunt with the whale, his friends can be heard praising him and chanting “Ma sha ALLAH.”

The video was shared on Twitter also with a caption, reads: “This dude jumped on the back of a whale shark crazy! Welcome to Saudi Arabia where they take having fun on a dangerous level hahahahah, all smiles though #Yanbu #redsea #saudiarabia #summervibes.”

Whale shark in the red sea

The whale shark or “stuntman shark” is an endangered huge fish, which is rare in the Red Sea.

This whale is characterized by the enormity of its size, which reaches about 40 feet or even more, in addition to its slow movement during swimming in the water.

These slow-growing fish represent a major tourist attraction when they appear in some marine areas.



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