The maltreatment & killing of Uyghur Muslims in China
Image: The maltreatment & killing of Uyghur Muslims in China

The world is not free till people can practice their own religion without pressure nor fear. The maltreatment & killing of Uyghur Muslims in China is barbaric & should be condemned. Muslims are human too.The world is big enough to contain all religion.

What is happening in China is nothing but act of terrorism, uncountable China non-Muslims are living in many countries outside China, and they are living freely, what is wrong with our love for humanity even if you don’t love my religion.

Where are the world leaders?
Where are the Saudi kings, queens, princes & princesses?
Where are the Human right activists?
Where’s the humane in Humanity?
What have these people done wrong?
Why do they deserve to die?
That they’re Muslims?

Video: Uighurs exile in Turkey

killed in kashmir…….Muslims
killed in syria……Muslims
killed in Myanmar…..Muslims
killed in palestine……Muslims
killed in China…..Muslims
At last terrorists are……Muslims
May i ask why?

Don’t think that God is unaware of what wrongs do. But Allah leaves them on a day of fear. (Abraham / 42)

What is the world turning into
you don’t need to be a Muslim to feel their pain. China calls this “re-education“, they force Muslims to eat pork, drink alcohol, rape them, change their religion.

All over the world Muslims oppression is happening. and Pakistan should stand with those Muslims.If Pakistan, India’s crumbling gangs and Uwaisis are so much concerned about Muslims, then why not raise the voice for these Chinese Muslims whose eyes and mouth are sewn up.

China is boycotting Ozil from everywhere. Even in the games like PES. Reminder : Ozil is the only footballer or athlete who have showed courage and raised Voice for UYGHURS Muslims.

The hash tag #China_is_terrorist and #China_kills_Muslims are both trending on Twitter , it’s great to see but it’s also sad that now everyone knows about it and nobody is doing anything to stop it.

Tweet about Situation in China killing Muslims
Situation of Muslims in China


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