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You Must Have 10 Incredible Gadgets 2022

In today’s article, I will be showing 10 incredible gadgets I think you should have around you.  Trust me, guys, you’ll fall in love with these devices.  

You must have these 10 incredible tech gadgets 2022
Image: Incredible Tech Gadgets 2022

Rokid Air

Wherever you are, Rokid  Air AR glass is a powerful glass that will make the virtual world so close and real to you.  Rokid Air is a powerful, intuitive super lightweight pair of glasses that you can wear for long periods. When you put it on, It feels like a huge monitor that perfectly fits into your pocket and can go anywhere with you!  

Rokid Air is one of the most affordable AR  Glasses that perfectly suit everyone with its wide business, study, and entertainment applications.  With this pair of glasses, movies look bigger, games feel more real, and another personal use becomes easier than before. To use, Simply put these pairs and be exposed to a  new level of experience with a huge 120” virtual screen that provides an outstanding multimedia experience for all apps, games, and movies.

It also has voice control and other advanced features you can utilize hands-free. You can use it to Play games, do Video meetings,  watch movies, do educational stuff, amongst other things.  This foldable pair of technological eyewear doesn’t need charging as the device to which it is connected supplies the power so you can enjoy more content, games, movies, and fun.  It is widely compatible with Android &  IOS phones, desktop computers & laptops,  PS4, Xbox, and Switch. The price is estimated at around $419.

Ulanzi Fill light

Ulanzi Fill Light is your go-to portable and adjustable light for laptops,  phones, and tablets to make sure your video and photography projects look professional and come out in their best form.  The Light is designed with suction cups that make installation effortless.  You simply attach the suction cups to your device’s flat and smooth surface,  and it is ready to use.

Whatever you are doing,  maybe you are on a video call or trying to record a video, you can redirect the light to any angle of your convenience. This is because the magnetic back panel makes the fill light tightly attached so the light can follow you anywhere you rotate it to have an improved shooting efficiency.  You don’t have to worry about them falling, as the suction is estimated to be around 4 hours.  

This is the perfect device for you as a visual content creator who loves to be the best in their field and always looks professional. You can get this fill light at an estimated price of $24.


Cutcam is a smart clipper that allows you to give yourself a pro hard cut in the comfort of your space without having to travel or wait in line for an appointment at the barbershop.  It comes with a rearview camera so you can easily see what you’re doing through your phone or any other connected smart device. You are thinking about how you can give yourself a cut when you have never tried doing that before?  

Well, Cutcam is like the best teacher to take you from a newbie to a professional in giving yourself haircuts. An app has arrays of experienced barbers who are ready to take you through tutorials on any style of your choice.  With cut cam, you can easily save yourself some extra bucks, time,  and gas you’d need to travel to a barbershop.

 You can view this gadget as your personal barber that stays with you anytime,  any day, anywhere, And to even think this is a safe alternative for you.  There is more value to be derived from this $139 device.


This gadget is a combination of Portability  & High-Performance in a portable computer.  Haxmini is an ultimate compact and stylish powerhouse packed with the latest Intel  CPU designed for business and entertainment.  The Intel Core i5 and dual GPU provides the fast processing speeds necessary for dealing with heavy-duty work tasks (like large size excel files) or for playing games.  

HaxMini’s high-bandwidth and low-latency memory of 8GB/16GB FDR4 RAM allows you to do everything fast and handle multiple tasks seamlessly. I guess you can say it has all the ports you need for both input and output operations and a beautiful LED light for illumination.  Plus, it supports a Dual 4K  display, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for that fast wireless connection you need. The price is estimated at around $499.  

Video: 10 incredible tech gadgets 2022


This gadget is perfect for those struggling with using chopsticks properly. Say No more to embarrassment while eating due to incorrect handling of chopsticks. With Autosticks, you can elegantly pick up any type of food even if it’s your first time-  it is a simple and easy-to-use chopstick.  The two sticks in a chopstick were combined to form a single unit for ease of usage.  

It features an anti-slip design on the tip of the chopsticks, which makes it easy to grasp any food and adjust yourself into a more natural and comfortable holding position.  Autosticks can fold down easily to a size small enough to put in any bag, pocket, or purse.  Made of stainless steel and alloy aluminum,  Autosticks are easy to clean, rust-resistant,  and mold-resistant. You can get this for $39.  

Magfree 3 in 1

The MagFree 3-in-1 MagSafe  Charger by Apple is the latest iteration of an elegant and important innovation that has emerged as the iPhone 13 and 12 have hit the market. MagFree 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger features three chargers with a built-in stand function adjusted to any height and angle.  It charges iPhone 13 and iPhone  12 models with up to 15W power.  

Using this MagSafe charger makes charging and usage simultaneously easy for you without running into the pain and stress of text neck. This gadget can Charge three different devices all at once: 15W for your iPhone 12 to 13 series;  5W for your AirPods, and 20W for your USB-C port for USB-C devices – isn’t that just great. You can get this awesome gadget for $89.  

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CurBot is an advanced wireless smart home device that can turn any old-fashioned curtains into a fully automatic curtain system based on IoT technology. Installing this device requires no tool,  skill, or power cords, and it can easily be set up or disassembled within ten seconds.  A set of Curbot has three types of hooks to make it perfectly suitable for 99% of curtains out there.

You can use an OTERApp to set schedules for your curtains to open automatically in the morning and enjoy the first gift the light brings to you.  Curbot has a built-in sunlight sensor to detect the intensity of the light,  So it can automatically close the curtains when it is too high to keep your space cool – Turning this feature on or off is your choice!  You can also control your curtains with your voice with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Siri.  This device would only cost you $79.

Wemax Go  

Wemax Go is an ultra-thin portable projector featuring the patented ALPD Laser Technology, bright 600 ANSI Lumens,  Double-Bright Display, built-in Wi-Fi,  SmartOS System, and a 25,000hr laser life. Compared to other projectors of the same size,  Wemax Go offers 200% more brightness even without blackout curtains.  

With this pocket-sized projector that is only  1-inch thick and weighs only 1.72 pounds,  you can enjoy a complete cinematic experience on your favorite shows or games.  It features a 120-inch screen for you to watch movies, share files, play games,  or video chat anywhere, anytime and it supports a Type-C Port for an external power bank to charge at any time. You can get Wemax Go for $349  


You no longer have to buy cartridges every two weeks for your razor. With Zera Ceramic blades, your blades can be kept clean and rust-free for many years. ZERA is portable wireless charging ceramic blade for you to have a close and more comfortable, safe shave by eliminating every hair from the root.  

This device was designed in a  minimalistic style to offer the greatest shaving experience possible with the thinnest and lightest profile possible.  With a 6800 RPM motor speed two times that of a common electric shave, ZERA provides a  cleaner and more effective cut. Zera will only cost you $69.  

Wesmart jacket

Wesmart is the world’s first All-Weather Smart jacket built with waterproof, anti-fouling, windproof,  anti-knife cut, storage bag, and face mask. What more can you ask for in a single jacket?.  You can adjust the sweater to your preferred temperature by simply opening the app.  An external power pack powers  Wesmart via a USB cable located inside the side pocket. Wesmart costs about $219.

Thanks for staying to the end of the video. Share your thoughts or comments in the box below.

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