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11 Vitamin C Rich Foods That Are Natural Fat Burners

Vitamin C is one of the key immunity-boosting vitamins. Did you know it’s also a natural fat burner? That’s right, it helps you shed all that extra weight. In fact, vitamin C has an important role to play in the metabolization of fat. Experts believe a lack of Vitamin C could be a reason why you aren’t getting in shape. In this article, we’ll be discussing 11 vitamin C-rich foods that are natural fat burners.

11 Vitamin C Rich Foods That Are Natural Fat Burners
Image Credit: Pixabay

I’m not only talking about oranges. But what about broccoli, kiwi, and pineapples? Is papaya really a natural fat burner? We will be talking about all of this AND more…


Broccoli is a fantastic fat burner. A study showed people who don’t have sufficient vitamin C often can’t lose weight. Those who had adequate levels burned 30% more body fat during exercise in comparison to those who lacked it. The daily vitamin C requirement is 75 mg for women and 90 for men. Just one cup of raw broccoli gives you 81 milligrams of vitamin C!

But how will you eat it? I know raw broccoli isn’t exactly an ideal lunch item. You can steam and season it. I love broccoli and tofu sauteed in just half a tablespoon of butter or olive oil. Drizzle a bit of pepper and black salt on it. It might not seem like much, but trust me, you’ll love it. You can also add broccoli to your noodles, pasta, and spaghetti.

Broccoli soups are another fantastic choice! In short, eat broccoli any way you want. Just be mindful of deep frying and adding too much cheese. Watch the calories, otherwise, your weight loss will be a bust! Already thinking of ways to sneak broccoli into your meals? Do you love broccoli or hate its taste? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


I most definitely would like to add this delicious drink to my healthy breakfast. Just don’t add sugar. If you absolutely need that sugary taste, either add more papaya than milk or include 2-3 dates. You are all set for an energy-filled day. One medium-sized papaya fruit gives you 188 mg of vitamin C. That means if you eat one whole fruit, you get TWICE the amount of recommended vitamin C intake.

Let me tell you a quick fact. You don’t need to worry about going overboard with this vitamin. It’s water-soluble. This means whatever excess amount of vitamin C your body has, will wash out with your urine.


Strawberries and cream is my favorite dessert. Unfortunately, you’ll have to cut the cream. But this delicious fruit is certainly a go! One cup of strawberries offers 85 milligrams of vitamin C. And if you are wondering if you need to eat the strawberries raw, I have exciting information for you. You don’t! So you’re on a diet?

Make a strawberry mango sorbet and say cheers to a wonderful evening. You can also try whole-wheat strawberry pancakes. Or, top your oatmeal breakfast with them. Strawberries go really well with yogurts too.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are pretty versatile. You can make a raw salad with them, or saute on medium heat with other veggies. They’re great when added to pasta, rice, pizza, or noodles. I particularly love adding green, red, and yellow bell peppers to the wonderful taste and color of my food. But that’s not all. One cup of raw bell peppers contains 117 mg of vitamin C.

Now tell me, why would you ever ignore bell peppers after this? Try baked peppers stuffed with potato and rice. They make for a delicious side dish.

Brussel Sprouts

Just like broccoli, brussel sprout has its own group of fans. Some love the taste and texture, while some want to run away at the sheer sight of it. But Brussel sprouts are one of the healthiest green veggies for you. They contain a high amount of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Particularly vitamin C.

1 cup of raw Brussel sprouts has 75 mg. Many households have their own Brussel sprouts recipe. But one of the easiest ways to eat this veggie is by putting it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Follow it up with some cold water right away. Saute it with onion, garlic, and any other veggie you like.

Squeeze a bit of lemon and drizzle some salt pepper. Your nutritious snack is ready! Want to know the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency? Must read and learn 9 signs that indicate your body isn’t getting enough.


Pineapples are delicious and refreshing. And you can make so many snacks with it. Pineapple salad drizzled with a little honey tastes amazing. If you don’t like salads or raw fruit, pineapple smoothies, juice and shakes are equally delicious.

1 cup of pineapple gives you 79 mg of vitamin C. And if you’re in the mood for an experiment, try soft bean and pineapple tacos. I even freeze pineapple into popsicles so I can enjoy them on a summer afternoon. You can try this dynamic fruit any way you want. The barbecued version is popular in many countries. Make sure to add a bit of seasoning to entice your taste buds.


Of course, orange had to be on our list. Whenever there is any talk about vitamin C, the first thing that often comes to mind is orange. Just one full-size orange offers you 70 milligrams of vitamin C. You can eat an orange as it is, or drink it as juice. Just make sure you squeeze it fresh.

Try to stay away from packaged versions as they contain added sugar and preservatives. Try and eat an orange as naturally as you can. For special occasions, you can even do a citrus cornmeal cake.


This sweet and tangy green fruit feels like a burst of flavors in your mouth. It’s packed with vitamin C, K, E, potassium, and folates. The high amount of antioxidants also makes it great for your health. One kiwi fruit contains 72 milligrams of vitamin C, which makes it a great snack to have when you are hungry. But there is something you might be surprised to know.

The skin you remove before eating kiwi actually preserves the vitamin C content. This is in addition to the triple amount of fibers kiwi skin gives you. So the next time you grab a kiwifruit, wash it properly and eat it with the skin on.


This one goes a long way! You can add cauliflower to your salads, sandwiches, noodles, and several other dishes. Cauliflower rice is a BIG favorite among weight watchers, It’s all thanks to the low calories it offers, as well as the high amount of vitamin C.1 cup of raw cauliflower gives you 52 milligrams of vitamin C. If cauliflower salad isn’t your cup of tea, try the roasted garlic version.

You can cook it with medium-sized potatoes and serve it as a side dish for lunch. Let me recommend you sticky sesame cauliflower bites. Sautee them with sweet chili sauce and serve with panko bread. I promise you will keep making it every weekend.


I’ll be honest here. The only dark green leafy veggie I have ever hated is kale. Ijust can’t! But because of its wonderful health benefits, I somehow gulp it down, reminding myself of all the awesome things it does for my body. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. A single cup of raw kale meets134% of your daily vitamin C requirements. Besides vitamin C, it gives you 206% of your daily vitamin A requirements, and 684% vitamin K!!!

It contains antioxidants and several minerals like manganese, copper, and magnesium. So the next time you sulk at a kale salad, remember the AWESOME nutrition it’s giving you.


1 cup of tomatoes gives you 23 milligrams of vitamin C. And the good thing about tomatoes is you can add them to anything. They make for good pizza toppings. Tomato soup is delicious. Sandwiches and pasta taste better when you add tomatoes or tomato-based sauce and purees. You can even try them on their own as stuffed baked tomatoes topped with herbs.

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Do you include any of these vitamin C-rich foods in your daily diet? Are you trying to lose weight? Let us know in the comments below.

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