Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a federal security agency for border control, criminal investigation, counter intelligence. Federal Public Service Commission ( FPSC) recruit it’s officers of BS 16 and 17. Here is the papers which are held on 22 October 2019 for the Post of Assistant Director Investigation (FIA) Batch 1 and 2.

Syllabus for the Post:

FPSC had published syllabus for Assistant Director Investigation (FIA) on his official website. The syllabus comprised of following parts;

Objective Type Test (MCQ)
English = 20 marks
General Intelligence/
Professional Test = 80 marks

Detail of syllabus as given below:

Vocabulary, Grammar usage, Sentence Structuring.
Basic Arithmetic.
Current Affairs.
Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies
Everyday/General Science
FIA Act, 1974
Note : (Equal weightage for each topic at Part-II)

Assistant Director Investigation (FIA) Papers batch 1



Everyday/General Science:

  1. SI unit of curren is ? Ampere
  2. lowest frequency among xray,radiwaves, ultraviolet? Radio waves
  3. boiling point pf water will deceease , increase or what ? Decreases
  4. Primary Colours are? Red, Green, Blue
  5. Red+blue+green=? White
  6. One light year is equal to? 9×10^12
  7. what is Great Spot? Strom
  8. nearest planet to earth Venus

FIA Act:

  1. Offences punishable under section 156 of the Customs Act, (IV of 1969)
  2. Offences punishable some sections of the Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1860).
  3. Federal Government can amend law of agency by Notification.
  4. Police station include?
  5. Any members not below the rank of sub inspector can work as officer in charge of police station.

Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies:

  1. Pak China Border Treaty in which year? 1963
  2. Bande ali relationship to Quaid e azam? Brother
  3. In Rawalpindi Conspiracy how many Generals were arrested?
  4. Election commissioner in 2018 election? Sardar Muhammad Raza
  5. Mo’azzan e Rasool SAWW? Hazrat Bilal
  6. Umda tul Qari is written by?
  7. Obligation of jihad? 2
  8. Change of QIbla? 2 hjri
  9. Gazwa e Bader took place in? 2 hijri
  10. Supreme court judge can be removed, how?
  11. When did Iman bokhari died ? 256 A.H
  12. Second biggest thermal power station in pakistan
  13. For how many days , did Holy Prophet PBUH stay in Mekkah after the conquest of Mekkah?

Current Affairs:

  1. JCOPA agreement is between?
  2. OBOR stand for? One Belt one Road
  3. French President?
  4. Egypt President?
  5. Cuban Missile crisis in which year?
  6. Recent south china dispute judgement for which country
  7. PLO head
  8. Endurance peace operation
  9. Capital of North korea
  10. Uri is where?
  11. World war 1 started from which city?
  12. Who is in Quad East Asia?
  13. Balfour Declaration?
  14. Kurdish Referendum?
  15. Kurds referendum from whom in 2017?

Basic Arithmetic:

  1.  In a mixture if 1 kg, iron is 20%. How much sand should be added to reduce iron to 10%?
  2. How many numbers are divisible by 4,6,8 upti 450?
  3. If 13% is discount price and sale price is 387. Then what will be the marked price?
  4. 60?6×111=666666
  5. .If 20% of an electricity bill is deducted then rs 100 is still to be paid .How much was the original bill

Assistant Director Investigation FIA Batch 2 Paper:

English Part:

  1. Synonym of Libel,
  2. Synonym of Gregarious ,
  3. Synonym of Sophoromic ,
  4. Synonym of Sequel,
  5. Synonym of Emancipation,
  6. Antonym of Decree
  7. Antonym of Altercation
  8. Antonym of Putrrfaction
  9. Antonym of Symbiosis
  10. Antonym of Propel
  11. Such was not really my intentions about case. What is such is this senstence ? Noun …pronoun ….adjective
  12. In late 60’s his father was the only educated man in our village who won really a good name to the family What is main verb in this sentense?
  13. what is main cluse ?
  14. what is pharse?
  15. the miser…….at the piles of gold.
  16. still is what adjective…pronoun…noun…none
  17. overindulgence ….both personalities as well as character….ans was debilitie

FIA Act related Questions:

  1. One Question is ;This Act may be called the Federal Investigation Agency Act, 1974.
  2. acts repealed
  3. May assist provincial investigation agencies.
  4. Any officer not below the rank of sub inspector Arrest without warrant.
  5. After repeal personal of special force transferred.
  6. Inquiry pending before special police.
  7. Approval from federal govt.
  8. Any officer can Detain property under investigation
  9. What is Punishment against detention.
  10. How many Number of members of agency.

Islamic/Pakistan Studies:

  1. No Of Daughter Holy Prophet has ———-04
  2. Personal servant of RasulAllah
  3. Al bustana jameelan…..
  4. Ilme nahve……Tasreef
  5. . Ghazwa Ohad ———– 3th Hijra
  6. . After nabuwa How Many years Holy prophet spent in Makkah—-13
  7. First ever mosque
  8. Namaz offered by pbuh first in madina
  9. Stay in makkah after nubuwa

Current Affairs MCQs:

  1. Lawrence garden
  2. East Timor got independence from
  3. Current PM of Japan.
  4. Tashkent is capital of?
  5. FM of Russia.
  6. Tashkent is capital of? Uzbekistan
  7. Yaadon ki barat written by ? Josh Maleehabadi
  8. Jinnah the sole spokesman by? Ayesha Halal
  9. Article 58 2b ablished ? 18th amendment
  10. . In 1947 Master Tara Singh was heading?
  11. Pashto poet Baba Rehman died in ? 1706
  12. Record of Raja ranjit Singh is in?
  13. India suspected whom for Pulwama attack? Jaish e Muhammad
  14. Old name of West Germany———–Federal Republic of germany
  15. Upper House Of Indian Parliament————-Rajya Sabah
  16. Al bustana…..
  17. Rehman baba death….170
  18. Population 2017 census….207 million
  19. Which country said in 2019 that it will build an oil refinary in pakistan…..
  20. kambu rogue communist party of —————–Cambodia

Everyday Science:

  1. Starch is an antodite….iodine.
    well who could have thought it earlier
  2. what is well in this sentense
  3. Coldest region….mesosphere
  4. Mafnetic oxide formula ….fe2o3
  5. Dielectric constant of water….80
  6. Carbon refined form….blister
  7. Forces acting on a point…concurrent
  8. After meting rocks new form …indegious rock
  9. Magnetic Oxide of ————- Fe2O3
  10. Marble which type of Rock————-Metamorphic
  11. Coldest part of Earth’s atmosphere——–Mesopause
  12. Petroleum is mixture of ————– Hydrocarbons
  13. Branch of Chemistry deals with study of Hydro carbaons ———Organic


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