ASF Assistant Director (BS-17) Test

ASF Assistant Director (BS-17) Test by FPSC ,Dated: 09-January-2020.


  1. First 5 questions related to vocabulary
  2. Next 5 questions related to grammar
  3. Next 10 questions related to find out the mistakes from the given sentences?


  1. Relationship question
  2. Relationship question
  3. Relationship question
  4. Complete the series 3, 5, 8, 11, 14โ€ฆ.
  5. Complete the series skipping each odd number
  6. Fill the missing in the series 3, 6, 9, 15, ?,123, 366
  7. If a shopkeeper buys an item of rupees 200 and pays tax 15%. Sold item of rupees 300. How much is the profit.
  8. If a shopkeeper buys an item of rupees 300 and pays tax 15%. Sold item of rupees 400. How much is the profit.
  9. Conversion of dollar to pound with %age of tax on conversion.
  10. 966 amount of profit to be distributed among 3 partners X, Y, Z according to their share?


  1. First to accept Islam in Men?
  2. First to accept Islam in Women?
  3. Longest Surah of Quran?
  4. Order of Jihad in __ Hijri?
  5. Nisab of gold for Zakat?
  6. First martyred of Islam?
  7. Zakat is cannot be used for? 1. Mosque 2. Madrassa 3. Hospital
  8. Surah that doesnโ€™t start with Bismillah?
  9. Total number of Surahs in Quran?
  10. One question related to Hadees books

Pak Study:

  1. First President of Pak?
  2. Second PM of Pak?
  3. First Marshal Law implemented by?
  4. Date of First Marshal Law?
  5. Date of Second Marshal Law?
  6. Date of First NA dissolved?
  7. Who dissolved the Frist NA?
  8. Date of First Benazir Bhutto Assembly Dissolved?
  9. Date of First Junijo Assembly Dissolved?
  10. Spirit of Islam is written by?
  11. Objective Resolution was passed by?
  12. Pakistan Largest export partner?
  13. Pak India border length in miles?
  14. Pak Afghan border is known as?

ASF Law:

  1. According to which law ASF is performing duties?
  2. ASF comes under? MoD or Aviation division?
  3. When ASF was formed?
  4. When ASF disciplinary Law were introduced?
  5. Commander of ASF is known as?
  6. When PIA passenger aircraft was hijacked? 1981? 82? 83?
  7. ASF providing security to how many airports?
  8. ASF amendments?

Current Affair:

  1. Federal Minister Aviation?
  2. NACTA was built in year?
  3. Which countries contributes most by paying in UN?
  4. UN Secretary General Assembly meets every year in which month?
  5. H5N4 is a _ 1. Vaccine 2. Medicine 3. Virus
  6. Pakistan rangers secures which border?
  7. Rangers Provincial Headquarters in __ cities?
  8. Petronas Tower is in _ country?
  9. Intelligence branch in FIA created to pool _ in?
  10. FIA came to existence in __ year?
  11. NDC & DBR merged in _ year to form NADRA?
  12. Ariana is the airline of _ country?
  13. Xinhua is the news agency of _ country?
  14. NACTA Head by __ of BOG?
  15. China became member of WTO of __ year?


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