Daily Newspaper "The Nation" apologized on making disgusting cartoon of Imran Khan.
Image: Screenshot of daily “The Nation”.

Islamabad: The famous daily newspaper of Pakistan “The Nation” apologized from its readers on making a funny disgusting cartoon of Imran Khan. According to details, when Prime minister Imran Khan was fighting for Kashmir in United Nations, Pakistani media is busy in criticising and mocking Imran Khan by disgusting ways.

Disgusting Cartoon of Imran Khan published by daily "The Nation".

On September 26, 2019, Daily Newspaper “The Nation” published a disgusting cartoon of Prime minister Imran Khan. They were referring to the request of the US President Donald Trump to Imran Khan for a role of mediator in the US, Saudi Arabia and Iran’s Disputes. A couple of days ago, the US President Donald Trump in his meeting with Prime minister Imran Khan has requested to play a role of mediator between the United States and Iran to solve the issues. Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed that Saudi crown prince Muhammed Bin Salman has also made a similar request to him for easing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Later on, the daily Newspaper was found mocking Imran Khan by publishing a disgusting cartoon. The act of newspaper came under massive criticism on social media. Social media users were bashing on “The Nation” for publishing such type of poor standard material on their newspaper. Many of them were asking others to Boycott the newspaper.

Criticism began after the Disgusting Cartoon of Imran Khan published on daily “The Nation”.

After receiving too much criticism on social media, the newspaper decided to delete the cartoon and issued an apology note for its readers.

On other hands Pakistani media is always crying that they don’t have enough freedom of speech in Pakistan.

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