Dil-e-Gumshuda is a new drama serial by Her Pal Geo Drama presented by 7th sky entertainment. The story is written by Sira Arif. It is directed by Shaqielle Khan and produces by Abdullah Kadawani and Asad Qureshi.

Image credit by YouTube Drama serial Dil-e-Gumshuda Episode 1
Image: credit YouTube Drama serial Dil-e-Gumshuda

The story revolves around two cuzns Zahra and Alizey. Alizey saw in a negative role. She is shown by an insecure, devious and manipulating girl. She can not even think about sharing with anyone.

While zahra is a very innocent girl. Her parents died and she adopted by her Uncle, the Alizey father. But she never warmly welcomed by his uncle family. Alizey and her mother always tries to demean her and tarnished her image in front of the family. They both make her life more difficult .

Cast of Drama serial Dil-e-Gumshuda:

Hania Altaf, Agha Ali, Mirza Zain, Amaar Khan, Shamim Hilali, Khalid Anum, Zainub Qayyum, Humaira Bano.

Watch full Episode 1 of drama Dil-e-Gumshuda:

Video: credited by youtube Har Pal Geo Drama


In the first scene we see Zahra’s uncle take her to his house after his brother died. Because she is alone now. But in home, his cuzn and Anty never welcome in a good manner. Alizey mother give old and uses dresses of alizey to Zahra for wearing. When Alizey see that Zahra carry her old dresses very well she shouted her with jealousy.

In next seen Alizey Can Danial came to the home when saw Zahra looked surprised and try to handshake but she ignore him. Daniel feels a little embarrassing.

In next seen Zahra working at Kitchen Alizey and mother came there. Episode 1 zey asked for breakfast and zahra offer to make for her. But when she prepared her Amlate according to Anty instructions Alizey badly insulted her and said its too salty. Zahra feels ashamed by their behavior and Episode 1 end.

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