Airport Security Force Inspector Papers held on 2,3,4 December 2019
Image: Inspector ASF

Here is Inspector Airport Security Force ASF papers which are held in December 2019 by FPSC.

Inspector ASF batch 1(02-12-2019)

Current Affairs & General Knowledge

  1. Brexit meaning.? Britain Exit
  2. Helvetia is the old name of which country.? Switzerland
  3. Name of Turkey capital? Ankara
  4. Name of European Union capital ? Brussels
  5. Who was the founder of New Turkey? Mustafa Kamal Ataturk (October 29, 1923)
  6. question about Croatia president related to movement? Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
  7. When Barbari mosque was originally demolished? 1992
    Completed: 1528–29
    Demolished : 1922
    Location :Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India
  8. After 1973 constitution when general elections were held? 1977
  9. Where is the grave of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar? Jerusalem, Palestine
    Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Died: 4 January 1931
  10. Allama Iqbal Alma mater which university? PhD University of Munich (Options were not relevant.)
  11. Jamal khashoggi in which country consulate being murdered? October 2, 2018, İstanbul, Turkey
  12. Jamal kashogi belonged to which newspaper? Al-Arab News
  13. What was the other name of Nelson Mandela? Black Pimpernel
  14. For how many years Nelson Mandela was in prisons? 27 Years
  15. Which turkey won the noble prize for literature? Orhan Pamuk
  16. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah completed degree of law from which university?
    Islamic Studies
  17. Literal meaning of Alhajraat?
  18. Literal meaning of Zakat ? that which purifies
  19. Literal meaning of Hadees ? ‘statement’ or ‘talk’
  20. One question about types of Hadees?
    1-Hadith Nabawi- which contains the words that Hazrat Muhammad, spoke himself
    2-Hadith Qudsi – which contains the words from Allah
  21. Which sahabi was best acknowledge about halal and haram?
  22. Zush shahaadatain is the title of which sahabi? Hazrat Khuzima Bin Sabit (R.A)
  23. When did Ayub khan resigned? 25 march 1969
  24. When did Zia imposed martial law? 5 July 1977
  25. Capital of cuba ? Havana
  26. Kashmir Issue Ladakh Area….under which Artilce it was imposed ? (Article 370)
  27. Who presented Lahore Resolution? Fazal ul Haq
  28. 64% of 240…..? 153.6
  29. Who is the Current US Amabassador to Pakistan ? Paul W. Jones
    Ambassador of Pakistan to USA ? Asad Majeed Khan
  30. 1962 constitution date ?
    Promulgated :1st March 1962
    enforced: 8 June 1962
  31. How many Surah’s are there in Quran? 114

Inspector ASF batch 2

  1. when pak left seato? 1973
  2. who became president after Nelson Mandela? Thabo Mbeki
  3. Hazrat Abu Bakar was the Merchant of? cloth
  4. cave hira in which Mountain? Jabal an-Nour
  5. when and where came into being? 1969 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  6. 8th amendment year? 1985
  7. Imran khan born in which year? 5 oct, 1952
  8. Katmandu is the capital of? Nepal
  9. Viceroy when India quite movement? Lord Linlithgow
  10. purpose of shimla deputation? 1 October 1906. The aim of the deputation was to win the sympathies of the Raj
  11. Harvard university in which state of USA? Cambridge, Massachusetts1973 constitution date? 14 Aug 1973
  12. Hazrat hamza martyr in which battle? Gazwa Uhd
  13. Cave hira, how many miles away from macca? 3 km
  14. Battle of uhud hijri ? 3 hijri
  15. 2nd caliph of islam ? Hazrat Umar (10 years)
  16. Bolivian president name, I think, who resigned recently? Juan Evo Morales
  17. Which European treaty abolished the Ottoman empire? Treaty of Sèvres (Aug. 10, 1920)
  18. Capital of ottoman empire was? Istanbul
  19. Which US president won Nobel prize for environment? Al Gore.
  20. Che Guevara was killed in Which City? BOLIVIA.
  21. SURAH NAHL means? honey bee.
  22. 1/4 of a number subteacted from 1/3 of the same number Gives 12? The number is 144.
  23. Axis powers in WW2? Germany
  24. 25 .A, B, C and D are four consecutive odd numbers and their average is 42. What is the product of B and D
  25. Sir sayed was born? oct 17, 1817 Delhi,India
  26. Battle of yamama? 70 hafiz martyred
  27. Iraq was attacked by which country?
  28. Who was American Muslims who did Hajj ? malcomx

Inspector ASF batch 3

  1. Who succeeded Nelson Mandela? Thabi Mbeki.Ottoman empire was divided through treaty of serves.
  2. Capital of ottoman empire was Istanbul
  3. Which US president won Nobel prize for environment. Al Gore.
  4. Che Guevara was killed in Which City? BOLVIA.
  5. SURAH NAHL means honey bee.
  6. Distance of cave hira from Makkah?
  7. 1/4 of a number subteacted from 1/3 of the same number Gives 12. The number is 144.
  8. Axis powers in WW1.
  9. 10 .A, B, C and D are four consecutive odd numbers and their average is 42. What is the product of B and D
  10. Imran khan was born in ? 1952.
  11. Sir sayed was born 1817.
  12. Viceroy of india during Quit india was Linlithgow.
  13. Hazrat hamza was martyred in battle of uhd.
  14. Battle of yamama 70 hafiz martyred
  15. 16.Who was the second caliph… Hazrat umar..
  16. 17.Hazrat abubakr was merchant of… Cloth..
  17. Current PM of Bangladesh. Haseena wajod
  18. KataMandu is capital of ? Nepal.
  19. Martin Luther, leader of blacks was from USA.
  20. American black leader after accepting islam and after doing Hajj was assassinated? Malcolm x.
  21. PAKISTAN left SEATO in 1973.
  22. Iraq was captured by iran in 1980.
  23. Late 60s civil aviation industry endured worldwide shocks of violence.
  24. suit , prosecutor other legal proceeding shal lie against any person for anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done, under this act kr rules and regulations.
  25. Constitution of 1973 was proclaimed in?
  26. 8th amendment 1885.
  27. 29.PCCA started is operation with 7 main airports
  28. Country withdrawal from Paris pact. USA
  29. Professor who became caretaker CM of Punjab 2 years ago. Pro. HASAN AAKARI

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