Inspector Investigation FIA Test by FPSC 5-01-2020
Image:Inspector Investigation FIA Test by FPSC 5-01-2020

Here are some questions from Inspector FIA paper that is held on 05 January 2020 by FPSC.

  1. Invited pakistan to chahbahaar project- Iran
  2. Karachi amomg cheapest cities- 6th
  3. Pakistan number amomg arm importer countries- 9th
  4. Representative from Quraysh in Hudaibia Treaty??
  5. Indian who received pakistan civil award- moraji Desai
  6. NAB constituted on 16 Nov 1997 by musharraf
  7. Pakistan army first two star ranked woman officer- shahida malik
  8. Salat ul Khawuf- in wars
  9. Abbasid total period- 767 years but not sure
  10. Conductors of heat and electricity- solid liquid gas or all?
  11. Meachanics definition?
  12. Abstract and concrete noun difference?
  13. When a body is accelerated its velocity increases?
  14. PVC- polyvinyl chloride but spelling mistake as polyvinyle chloride to make it ambiguous?
  15. 746 watt??
  16. Free falling body P.E. and K.E. differnce is zero
  17. Jelly fish is umbrella like
  18. Artries pump away from heart
  19. Lobe of braim for logical reasoning or thinking?frontal?
  20. Operation Tight screw- pak army
  21. Jewel of hindukush?
  22. Largest division in KPK?
  23. Sikh marriage bill- punjab assembly
  24. Licence issued to transgender-kpk?not sure
  25. Hill in sindh?name?
  26. First nawab name of bahawalpur state?
  27. Hottest plave in subcontinent?jacobabad
  28. No of pakistanis in saudi arabia?
  29. First consennsus in subcontinent?1881
  30. Friday as holiday? 1977 by Zia
  31. Nawab waqar ul mulk real name- mushtaq hussain
  32. Speaker from balochistan?only one but not sure
  33. Sohni mahewal- fazal shah
  34. Pakistani to score double century-Fakhar zaman

Inspector investigation FIA (BPS-16)
Batch 3 (05-01-2020)

1.Prophet performed hajj-1 time (10th A. H)
2.Furqan is-difference between right and wrong
3.Shirk-unforgivable/Grand cruelty
4.Quraish representative-none of these
5.Abassid caliphate-500 years
6.Salat ul khwauf-in wars
7.first question on judgement day-Salat
8.meeqat for people of East-qurn al manazil surAh-114

1.the table was broken by them for fun
2.abstrat and material noun

1.todays is Saturday after 500 days-
2.a:b is 3:5 and b:c is 10:16. What’s a:b:c?-3:5:8

1.light year related to-distance
2.filament made of-tungsten
3.micro phone convert sound into-electrical
4.FM abbreviation-frequency modulation
5.athlete for instant energy take-carbohydrate
6.Mechanics is-study of motion
7.brain lobe responsible for speech-temporal
8.% of Salinty in ocean-3.5%
9.K.E/P.E for free falling bodies-same
10.Heat and electricity conduction-all of these
11.Artries-pump away blood
12.Power is equal to-746watt
13.Jelly fish shape-umbrella
14.Pvc-polyvinyl chloride
15.Acceleration means velocity-increases
16.Milk pasteurized-to kill bacteria
17.silicon is used for-sand and glass
18.tree branches outward to the soil-banyan
19.actinides series-89 to 103
20.colorless cells-white blood cells

1.Hottest place-jacobabad
2.Sikh marriage bill-punjab
3.operation Tight screw by-pak army
4.Murder of history by-k.k aziz
5.foreign nationality holder Beaurecrats-213
6.first President-1956
7.Movie in London-cake
8.Largest division-malakand
9.jewel of hindukash-malakand(chiral)
10.Sohni mahiwal-fazal shah
11.First consensus-1881
12.Arms export-9th
13.Indian rcv award-morarji desai
14.Taliban leader-bAitullah mehsud

  1. Nawab waqar ul mulk real name-mushtaq hussain
    16.first Nawab of bahawalpur-Nawab bahawal Khan I
    17.No of pakistani-2.7M
    18.friday official holiday-1st July 1977(bhutto)
  2. Senate chairman from balochistan-none of these(Sadiq sanjrani is the only baloch in the list)
    20.Cheapest city ranking karachi-6th
    21.NAB 16th Nov 1999
    22.License to Transgender-kpk
    23.double Century in ODI-fakr zaman
    24.2star general-shahida malik (Maj Gen)
    25.Invited pakistan to chah_e_bahar-iran
    26.National flower-jasmine
    27.Mangopir hills-sindh
    28.picture on Rs100-ziarat residency
    29.composed national anthem-ahmed G. Chagla
    30.old name of ECO-RCD

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