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Prophet of Islam Mcqs

Important Events of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) life:

Before the Hijra:

before 53 hijra
22 April, 571 AD
12 Rabia ul Awal
before 28 hijraMarriage to Hazrat Khadija R.A
before 13, hijra; 610 ADHazrat Muhammad got Prophethood,
Quran was revealed
before 10 hijraHijrat Habisha
before 7 hijraHazrat Hamza and Hazrat Ummar accepted Islam
before 6 hijra The Economic and Social Boycott of the Banu Hashim (A.D. 616-619).
before 3 hijraHazrat Khadija and Hazrat Abu Talib died,
the journey to Taif,
he Economic and Social Boycott of the Banu Hashim ended

After Hijrat; Hijri Calander Started:

1st hijra, 622 AD The Medina Charter, written and promulgated by Prophet Muhammad 
Masjid Nabvi was built
2nd hijraAzan started
the Qiblah became oriented towards the Kaaba in Mecca.
Zakat and Soam became obligatory,
1st Ramzan, Gazwe Badar
3rd hijraGazwe Uhud,
Law of inheritance
4th hijraThe wine was prohibited,
Gazwe Banu Nazir
5th hijra The Battle of the Trench ( Ghazwat al-Ahzab)
Ablution became mandatory
6th hijra Sulah e Hudaibiya,
Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed accepted Islam
7th hijraGazwe Khabir
8th hijraMakkah was conqured
Gazwe Hanian and Taif
9th hijra Hajj was made obligatory
Gazwe Tabuk
10th hijra Last Sermon  of Hazrat Muhammad SAW
11th hijra
June 8, 632 AD
The Death of Muhammad SAW


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