Paper of Receptionits Bps- 07 & Assistant PPS- 05
Image: Paper of Receptionits Bps- 07 & Assistant PPS- 05

Today’s Paper of Receptionits Bps- 07 & Assistant PPS- 05 Conducted OTS Dated : 05-01-2020 Batch 01 & 03

1- surrah haj have howy many Ayats
2- how many ayats in Quran e Paak
3- what is name 6th Kalam
4- Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was born after 2000 year of prophet?
5- which surrah started without Bismillah
6- how many time Isam e MUHAMMAD S.A.W is maintaiond Quran e Kareem
7- what is the name of son of hazrat AS which nation is beloning to Yahood
8- which sahabi is not in Asharah mubasharah
9- which shabi R.A got title saifullah
10- Which Sahabi R.A got title of Asad Ullah
11- Zaboor was relived on
12- which book is called old testoment
13- when Hazrat Umar Entered in islam
14- When khutba Haj tul widda was delivered
15- Abu jahal was killed in which battle
16- which is the first mosque in islam
17- in which surah masjid e Quba is maintioned
18- how many prophets names in quran
19- woh many battles are maintioned in Quran e Majeed
20- which year is assosiated with prophets SAW birth
21- which Sahabi RA have longest khilafat
22- what is the total time period of khulfa e rashideen RA
23- woh many total ayat in Quran e Hakeem
24- Hazrat Khalid bin Waleen RA belonging to which tribe
25- waht is the name of holy book of Judaism
26- total time period of revealed Quran e hakeem
27- 9th Zul hajj is also called
29- what is the first surah of Quran majeed
28- Hazrat Umar bin Abdul aziz was 2nd khalifa of which tribe
29- who wrote tarjuman ul qauran
30- when india stoped rivers water of pakistan
31-when india started curfiew in Khashmir
32- which chief justice have longst tenor
33- when Allam Iqbal born
34- when be nazir become PM
35- what is the name of Pak Afghan border
36- length of pakistan coastal line
37-mahmdan Dam is going to constructed on which dan
38- when birlan wall was builed
39- what is the old name of Astana
40- when frisbey wan invented
41- who is inventor of trackter
42- which tribe considerd Quran e paak as creator of Allah Almighty
43- when columbs discovered America
44- when pakistan won 2nd T-20 World Cup
45- when pakistan done its first drone experiment
46- which international boy is not a part of UNO
47- Current UNO Director is belonging to which conutry
48- international court of justice consisted on how many judges
49- who is the current president of Brazil
50- worlds longest glaciar lembert consists on how many Killo metrers
51- riqo dig is the port of which mountain range
52- king Zahir u din babar was lived in which city
53- what is the range of Indian space shuttle Chadrian II
54- who is the founder of Indian National congress
55- who is the chief architect of the map of pakistan
56- what is the hieght of K2
57- which pakistani poet got liftime achievement award by UBL award ceremony 2019
58- which award Imran has received during his cricket carrier
59- how many distance from eath to moon
60- which country sighned peace agreement with garmony during the world war1
61- who is the american representative to afghanistan
62- who the current chief justice of pakistan
63- who is the Dj ISPR of Pakistan
64- Nasa Stand for
65- when anjuman e himayat e islam was formed
66- who is the first president of PML
67- jainawala miscart is took place in
68- how many districts are add to kpk according to 26 amendment act
69- what is the magnitude of earthquake which hited pakistan in 2005
70- which devices used to measure wheel speed of a moter / vhichcale
71- we used vitamin A for what
72- sathegrometer is used for
73- which gas make colouerless to olley of brass
74- what is the punjab share in the total area of pakistan
75- how many percent peoples ars used to spoke punjabi in pakistan
76- jheel manchar is located in
77- National Bank of pakistan istulled worlds hieghts ATM machine at where
78- what is the rank of Khuwra Salat in the world
79- what is the rake of pakistan by population
80- pakistan have which number of largest army in the world
81- which is the national friut of pakistan
82- when american national muslim MUHAMMAD Ali has died
83- who invented T mobile series in 1908
84- Rom stand for
85- how many columns we can edd in 1 page of Ms Word
86- what is the extention name of MS word
87- how me can add spelling check in ms word
88- which function is not available in adit image
89- who we cane open a new file along old file

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